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Minnick, Tamera J., and Richard D. Alward. 2015.
Plant–soil feedbacks and the partial recovery of soil spatial patterns on abandoned well pads in a sagebrush shrubland.
Ecological Applications 25:3–10.
Ecological Archives A025-001

Maciejewski, Kristine, Alta de Vos, Graeme S. Cumming, Christine Moore, and Duan Biggs. 2015.
Cross-scale feedbacks and scale mismatches as influences on cultural services and the resilience of protected areas.
Ecological Applications 25:11–23.
Ecological Archives A025-002

Luo, Zhenhua, Zhigang Jiang, and Songhua Tang. 2015.
Impacts of climate change on distributions and diversity of ungulates on the Tibetan Plateau.
Ecological Applications 25:24–38.
Ecological Archives A025-003

La Sorte, Frank A., Daniel Fink, Wesley M. Hochachka, Jocelyn L. Aycrigg, Kenneth V. Rosenberg, Amanda D. Rodewald, Nicholas E. Bruns, Andrew Farnsworth, Brian L. Sullivan, Chris Wood, and Steve Kelling. 2015.
Documenting stewardship responsibilities across the annual cycle for birds on U.S. public lands.
Ecological Applications 25:39–51.
Ecological Archives A025-004

Stralberg, D., S. M. Matsuoka, A. Hamann, E. M. Bayne, P. Sólymos, F. K. A. Schmiegelow, X. Wang, S. G. Cumming, and S. J. Song. 2015.
Projecting boreal bird responses to climate change: the signal exceeds the noise.
Ecological Applications 25:52–69.
Ecological Archives A025-005

Law, Elizabeth A., Brett A. Bryan, Erik Meijaard, Thilak Mallawaarachchi, Matthew Struebig, and Kerrie A. Wilson. 2015.
Ecosystem services from a degraded peatland of Central Kalimantan: implications for policy, planning, and management.
Ecological Applications 25:70–87.
Ecological Archives A025-006

van Rijn, Itai, Thomas M. Neeson, and Yael Mandelik. 2015.
Reliability and refinement of the higher taxa approach for bee richness and composition assessments.
Ecological Applications 25:88–98.
Ecological Archives A025-007

Toomey, Michael, Mark A. Friedl, Steve Frolking, Koen Hufkens, Stephen Klosterman, Oliver Sonnentag, Dennis D. Baldocchi, Carl J. Bernacchi, Sebastien C. Biraud, Gil Bohrer, Edward Brzostek, Sean P. Burns, Carole Coursolle, David Y. Hollinger, Hank A. Margolis, Harry McCaughey, Russell K. Monson, J. William Munger, Stephen Pallardy, Richard P. Phillips, Margaret Torn, Sonia Wharton, Marcelo Zeri, and Andrew D. Richardson. 2015.
Greenness indices from digital cameras predict the timing and seasonal dynamics of canopy-scale photosynthesis.
Ecological Applications 25:99–115.
Ecological Archives A025-008

Robert, Alexandre, Stéphane Chantepie, Samuel Pavard, François Sarrazin, and Céline Teplitsky. 2015.
Actuarial senescence can increase the risk of extinction of mammal populations.
Ecological Applications 25:116–124.
Ecological Archives A025-009

Hovick, Stephen M., and Walter P. Carson. 2015.
Tailoring biocontrol to maximize top-down effects: on the importance of underlying site fertility.
Ecological Applications 25:125–139.
Ecological Archives A025-010

Bartrons, Mireia, Claudio Gratton, Brian J. Spiesman, and M. Jake Vander Zanden. 2015.
Taking the trophic bypass: aquatic-terrestrial linkage reduces methylmercury in a terrestrial food web.
Ecological Applications 25:151–159.
Ecological Archives A025-011

Martinuzzi, Sebastián, John C. Withey, Anna M. Pidgeon, Andrew J. Plantinga, Alexa J. McKerrow, Steven G. Williams, David P. Helmers, and Volker C. Radeloff. 2015.
Future land-use scenarios and the loss of wildlife habitats in the southeastern United States.
Ecological Applications 25:160–171.
Ecological Archives A025-012

Lantz, Trevor C., Steve V. Kokeli, and Robert H. Fraser. 2015.
Ecological recovery in an Arctic delta following widespread saline incursion.
Ecological Applications 25:170–185.
Ecological Archives A025-013

Rigosi, Anna, Paul Hanson, David P. Hamilton, Matthew Hipsey, James A. Rusak, Julie Bois, Karin Sparber, Ingrid Chorus, Andrew J. Watkinson, Boqiang Qin, Bomchul Kim, and Justin D. Brookes. 2015.
Determining the probability of cyanobacterial blooms: the application of Bayesian networks in multiple lake systems.
Ecological Applications 25:186–199.
Ecological Archives A025-014

Yospin, Gabriel I., Scott D. Bridgham, Ronald P. Neilson, John P. Bolte, Dominique M. Bachelet, Peter J. Gould, Constance A. Harrington, Jane A. Kertis, Cody Evers, and Bart R. Johnson. 2015.
A new model to simulate climate-change impacts on forest succession for local land management.
Ecological Applications 25:226–242.
Ecological Archives A025-015

McManamay, Ryan, and Emmanuel A. Frimpong. 2015.
Hydrologic filtering of fish life history strategies across the United States: implications for stream flow alteration.
Ecological Applications 25:243–263.
Ecological Archives A025-016

Giljohann, K. M., M. A. McCarthy, L. T. Kelly, and T. J. Regan. 2015.
Choice of biodiversity index drives optimal fire management decisions.
Ecological Applications 25:264–277.
Ecological Archives A025-017

Dambacher, Jeffrey M., Peter C. Rothlisberg, and Neil R. Loneragan. 2015.
Qualitative mathematical models to support ecosystem-based management of Australia's Northern Prawn Fishery.
Ecological Applications 25:278–298.
Ecological Archives A025-018

Vander Zanden, Hannah B., Anton D. Tucker, Kristen M. Hart, Margaret M. Lamont, Ikuko Fujisaki, David S. Addison, Katherine L. Mansfield, Katrina F. Phillips, Michael B. Wunder, Gabriel J. Bowen, Mariela Pajuelo, Alan B. Bolten, and Karen A. Bjorndal. 2015.
Determining origin in a migratory marine vertebrate: a novel method to integrate stable isotopes and satellite tracking.
Ecological Applications 25:320–335.
Ecological Archives A025-019

Hallworth, Michael T., T. Scott Sillett, Steven L. van Wilgenburg, Keith A. Hobson, and Peter P. Marra. 2015.
Migratory connectivity of a Neotropical migratory songbird revealed by archival light-level geolocators.
Ecological Applications 25:336–347.
Ecological Archives A025-020

Young, Hillary S., Douglas J. McCauley, Rodolfo Dirzo, Jacob R. Goheen, Bernard Agwanda, Cara Brook, Erik Otárola-Castillo, Adam W, Ferguson, Stephen N. Kinyua, Molly M. McDonough, Todd M. Palmer, Robert M. Pringle, Truman P., and Kristofer M. Helgen. 2015.
Context-dependent effects of large-wildlife declines on small mammal communities in central Kenya.
Ecological Applications 25:348–360.
Ecological Archives A025-021

A. Waldron, R. Justicia, and L. E. Smith 2015.
Making biodiversity-friendly cocoa pay: combining yield, certification, and REDD for shade management.
Ecological Applications 25:361–372.
Ecological Archives A025-022

Smith, Laurel A., Jason S. Link, Steven X. Cadrin, and Debra L. Palka. 2015.
Consumption by marine mammals on the Northeast U.S. continental shelf.
Ecological Applications 25:373–389.
Ecological Archives A025-023

Horton, Kyle G., W. Gregory Shriver, and Jeffrey J. Buler. 2015.
A comparison of traffic estimates of nocturnal flying animals using radar, thermal imaging, and acoustic recording.
Ecological Applications 25:390–401.
Ecological Archives A025-024

Hilbers, Jelle P., Frank van Langevelde, Herbert H. T. Prins, C. C. Grant, Mike J. S. Peel, Michael B. Coughenour, Henrik J. de Knegt, Rob Slowtow, Izak P. J. Smit, Greg A. Kiker, and Willem F. de Boer. 2015.
Modeling elephant-mediated cascading effects of water point closure.
Ecological Applications 25:402–415.
Ecological Archives A025-025

Martin, Summer L., Stephen M. Stohs, and Jeffrey E. Moore. 2015.
Bayesian inference and assessment for rare-event by catch in marine fisheries: a drift gillnet fishery.
Ecological Applications 25:416–429.
Ecological Archives A025-026

Karatayev, Alexander Y., Lyubov E. Burlakova, Sergey E. Mastitsky, and Dianna K. Padilla. 2015.
Predicting the spread of aquatic invaders: insight from 200 years of invasion by zebra mussels.
Ecological Applications 25:430–440.
Ecological Archives A025-027

Drolet, David, Andrea Locke, Mark A. Lewis, and Jeff Davidson. 2015.
Evidence-based tool surpasses expert opinion in predicting probability of eradication of aquatic nonindigenous species.
Ecological Applications 25:441–450.
Ecological Archives A025-028

Rozendaal, Danaë M. A., and Robin L. Chazdon. 2015.
Demographic drivers of tree biomass change during secondary succession in northeastern Costa Rica.
Ecological Applications 25:506–516.
Ecological Archives A025-029

Anderson, Sean C., Jonathan W. Moore, Michelle M. McClure, Nicholas K. Dulvy, and Andrew B. Cooper. 2015.
Portfolio conservation of metapopulations under climate change.
Ecological Applications 25:559–572.
Ecological Archives A025-030

Maxwell, Paul S., Kylie A. Pitt, Andrew D. Olds, David Rissik, and Rod M. Connolly. 2015.
Identifying habitats at risk: simple models can reveal complex ecosystem dynamics.
Ecological Applications 25:573–587.
Ecological Archives A025-031

Butsic, Van, and Tobias Kuemmerle. 2015.
Using optimization methods to align food production and biodiversity conservation beyond land sharing and land sparing.
Ecological Applications 25:589–595.
Ecological Archives A025-032

O'Regan, Suzanne M., Krisztian Magori, J. Tomlin Pulliam, Marcus A. Zokan, Rajreni B. Kaul, Heather D. Barton, and John M. Drake. 2015.
Multi-scale model of epidemic fade-out: Will local extirpation events inhibit the spread of white-nose syndrome?
Ecological Applications 25:621–633.
Ecological Archives A025-033

Bromaghin, Jeffrey F., Trent L. McDonald, Ian Stirling, Andrew E. Derocher, Evan S. Richardson, Eric V. Regehr, David C. Douglas, George M. Durner, Todd Atwood, and Steven C. Amstrup. 2015.
Polar bear population dynamics in the southern Beaufort Sea during a period of sea ice decline.
Ecological Applications 25:634–651.
Ecological Archives A025-034

Liere, Heidi, Tania N. Kim, Benjamin P. Werling, Timothy D. Meehan, Douglas A. Landis, and Claudio Gratton. 2015.
Trophic cascades in agricultural landscapes: indirect effects of landscape composition on crop yield.
Ecological Applications 25:652–661.
Ecological Archives A025-035

Hovick, Torre J., R. Dwayne Elmore, Samuel D. Fuhlendorf, David M. Engle, and Robert G. Hamilton. 2015.
Spatial heterogeneity increases diversity and stability in grassland bird communities.
Ecological Applications 25:662–672.
Ecological Archives A025-036

Peterson, Anna C., Gerald J. Niemi, and Douglas H. Johnson. 2015.
Patterns in diurnal airspace use by migratory landbirds along an ecological barrier.
Ecological Applications 25:673–684.
Ecological Archives A025-037

Russell, James C., Martin Stjernman, Åke Lindström, and Henrik G. Smith. 2015.
Community occupancy before-after-control-impact (CO-BACI) analysis of Hurricane Gudrun on Swedish forest birds.
Ecological Applications 25:685–694.
Ecological Archives A025-038

Gerber, Brian D., and Robert P. Parmenter. 2015.
Spatial capture–recapture model performance with known small-mammal densities.
Ecological Applications 25:695–705.
Ecological Archives A025-039

Iacarella, Josephine C., Jaimie T. A. Dick, Mhairi E. Alexander, and Anthony Ricciardi. 2015.
Ecological impacts of invasive alien species along temperature gradients: testing the role of environmental matching.
Ecological Applications 25:706–716.
Ecological Archives A025-040

Smith, Sigrid D. P., Peter B. McIntyre, Benjamin S. Halpern, Roger M. Cooke, Adrienne L. Marino, Gregory L. Boyer, Andy Buchsbaum, G. A. Burton Jr., Linda M. Campbell, Jan J. H. Ciborowski, Patrick J. Doran,11 Dana M. Infante,12 Lucinda B. Johnson, Jennifer G. Read, Joan B. Rose, Edward S. Rutherford, Alan D. Steinman, and J. David Allan. 2015.
Rating impacts in a multi-stressor world: a quantitative assessment of 50 stressors affecting the Great Lakes.
Ecological Applications 25:717–728.
Ecological Archives A025-041

Pirotta, Enrico, and David Lusseau. 2015.
Managing the wildlife tourism commons.
Ecological Applications 25:729–741.
Ecological Archives A025-042

Pisanty, Gideon, and Yael Mandelik. 2015.
Profiling crop pollinators: life history traits predict habitat use and crop visitation by Mediterranean wild bees.
Ecological Applications 25:742–752.
Ecological Archives A025-043

Flanagan, Neal E., Curtis J. Richardson, and Mengchi Ho. 2015.
Connecting differential responses of native and invasive riparian plants to climate change and environmental alteration.
Ecological Applications 25:753–767.
Ecological Archives A025-044

Geib, Jennifer C., James P. Strange, and Candace Galen. 2015.
Bumble bee nest abundance, foraging distance, and host–plant reproduction: implications for management and conservation.
Ecological Applications 25:768–778.
Ecological Archives A025-045

Vaughn, Kurt J., and Truman P. Young. 2015.
Short-term priority over exotic annuals increases the initial density and longer-term cover of native perennial grasses.
Ecological Applications 25:791–799.
Ecological Archives A025-046

Fountain-Jones, Nicholas M., Gregory J. Jordan, Thomas P. Baker, Jayne M. Balmer, Tim Wardlaw, and Susan C. Baker. 2015.
Living near the edge: Being close to mature forest increases the rate of succession in beetle communities.
Ecological Applications 25:800–811.
Ecological Archives A025-047

Quesnelle, Pauline E., Kathryn E. Lindsay, and Lenore Fahrig. 2015.
Relative effects of landscape-scale wetland amount and landscape matrix quality on wetland vertebrates: a meta-analysis.
Ecological Applications 25:812–825.
Ecological Archives A025-048

Walker, Emilay, Jacques Rivoirard, Philippe Gaspar, and Nicolas Bez. 2015.
From forager tracks to prey distributions: an application to tuna vessel monitoring systems (VMS).
Ecological Applications 25:826–833.
Ecological Archives A025-049

Fahey, Robert T., Alexander T. Fotis, and Kerry D. Woods. 2015.
Quantifying canopy complexity and effects on productivity and resilience in late-successional hemlock–hardwood forests.
Ecological Applications 25:834–847.
Ecological Archives A025-050

Kominoski, John S., Amy D. Rosemond, Jonathan P. Benstead, Vladislav Gulis, John C. Maerz, and David W. P. Manning. 2015.
Low-to-moderate nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations accelerate microbially driven litter breakdown rates.
Ecological Applications 25:856–865.
Ecological Archives A025-051

Zhang, Zhijian, Hongyi Li, Jiao Hu, Xia Li, Qiang He, Guangming Tian, Hang Wang, Shunyao Wang, and Bei Wang. 2015.
Do microorganism stoichiometric alterations affect carbon sequestration in paddy soil subjected to phosphorus input?
Ecological Applications 25:866–879.
Ecological Archives A025-052

Requier, Fabrice, Jean-Franc, Ois Odoux, Thierry Tamic, Nathalie Moreau, Mickaël Henry, Axel Decourtye, and Vincent Bretagnolle. 2015.
Honey bee diet in intensive farmland habitats reveals an unexpectedly high flower richness and a major role of weeds.
Ecological Applications 25:881–890.
Ecological Archives A025-053

Kelly, Sandor L., Hojun Song, and David G. Jenkins. 2015.
Land management practices interactively affect wetland beetle ecological and phylogenetic community structure.
Ecological Applications 25:891–900.
Ecological Archives A025-054

Radinger, Johannes, and Christian Wolter. 2015.
Disentangling the effects of habitat suitability, dispersal, and fragmentation on the distribution of river fishes.
Ecological Applications 25:914–927.
Ecological Archives A025-055

Nowakowski, A. Justin, Marylin Veiman-Echeverria, David J. Kurz, and Maureen A. Donnelly. 2015.
Evaluating connectivity for tropical amphibians using empirically derived resistance surfaces.
Ecological Applications 25:928–942.
Ecological Archives A025-056

Read, Emily K., Vijay P. Patil, Samantha K. Oliver, Amy L. Hetherington, Jennifer A. Brentrup, Jacob A. Zwart, Kirsten M. Winters, Jessica R. Corman, Emily R. Nodine, R. Iestynwoolway, Hilary A. Dugan, Aline Jaimes, Arianto B. Santoso, Grace S. Hong, Luke A. Winslow, Paul C. Hanson, and Kathleen C. Weathers. 2015.
The importance of lake-specific characteristics for water quality across the continental United States.
Ecological Applications 25:943–955.
Ecological Archives A025-057

Koons, David N., Fernando Colchero, Kent Hersey, and Olivier Gimenez. 2015.
Disentangling the effects of climate, density dependence, and harvest on an iconic large herbivore's population dynamics.
Ecological Applications 25:956–967.
Ecological Archives A025-058

Kirol, Christopher P., Jeffrey L. Beck, Snehalata V. Huzurbazar, Matthew J. Holloran, and Scott N. Miller. 2015.
Identifying Greater Sage-Grouse source and sink habitats for conservation planning in an energy development landscape.
Ecological Applications 25:868–990.
Ecological Archives A025-059

Huver, J. R., J. Koprivnikar, P. T. J. Johnson, and S. Whyard. 2015.
Development and application of an eDNA method to detect and quantify a pathogenic parasite in aquatic ecosystems.
Ecological Applications 25:991–1002.
Ecological Archives A025-060

Peel, David, Mark Bravington, Natalie Kelly, and Michael C. Double. 2015.
Designing an effective mark–recapture study of Antarctic blue whales.
Ecological Applications 25:1003–1015.
Ecological Archives A025-061

Lorenz, Teresa J., Kerri T. Vierling, Timothy R. Johnson, and Philip C. Fischer. 2015.
The role of wood hardness in limiting nest site selection in avian cavity excavators.
Ecological Applications 25:1016–1033.
Ecological Archives A025-062

Storkey, Jonathan, Thomas Döring, John Baddeley, Rosemary Collins, Stephen Roderick, Hannah Jones, and Christine Watson. 2015.
Engineering a plant community to deliver multiple ecosystem services.
Ecological Applications 25:1034–1043.
Ecological Archives A025-063

Dorman, Michael, Tal Svoray, Avi Perevolotsky, Yitzhak Moshe, and Dimitrios Sarris. 2015.
What determines tree mortality in dry environments? A multiperspective approach.
Ecological Applications 25:1054–1071.
Ecological Archives A025-064

Reid, J. Leighton, Karen D. Holl, and Rakan A. Zahawi. 2015.
Seed dispersal limitations shift over time in tropical forest restoration.
Ecological Applications 25:1072–1082.
Ecological Archives A025-065

Elkin, Ché, Arnaud Giuggiola, Andreas Rigling, and Harald Bugmann. 2015.
Short- and long-term efficacy of forest thinning to mitigate drought impacts in mountain forests in the European Alps.
Ecological Applications 25:1083–1098.
Ecological Archives A025-066

Costamagna, Alejandro C., William N. Venables, and Nancy A. Schellhorn. 2015.
Landscape-scale pest suppression is mediated by timing of predator arrival.
Ecological Applications 25:1114–1130.
Ecological Archives A025-067

Adams, Vanessa M., and Samantha A. Setterfield. 2015.
Optimal dynamic control of invasions: applying a systematic conservation approach.
Ecological Applications 25:1131–1141.
Ecological Archives A025-068

See, Kevin E., and Elizabeth E. Holmes. 2015.
Reducing bias and improving precision in species extinction forecasts.
Ecological Applications 25:1157–1165.
Ecological Archives A025-069

Collins, Brandon M., Jamie M. Lydersen, Richard G. Everett, Danny L. Fry, and Scott L. Stephens. 2015.
Novel characterization of landscape-level variability in historical vegetation structure.
Ecological Applications 25:1167–1174.
Ecological Archives A025-070

Arlettaz, Raphaël, Sébastien Nusslé, Marjana Baltic, Peter Vogel, Rupert Palme, Susanne Jenni-Eiermann, Patrick Patthey, and Michel Genoud. 2015.
Disturbance of wildlife by outdoor winter recreation: allostatic stress response and altered activity–energy budgets.
Ecological Applications 25:1197–1212.
Ecological Archives A025-071

Huso, Manuela M. P., Dan Dalthorp, David Dail, and Lisa Madsen. 2015.
Estimating wind-turbine-caused bird and bat fatality when zero carcasses are observed.
Ecological Applications 25:1213–1225.
Ecological Archives A025-072

Silva, Lucas C. R., Timoth A. Doane, Rodrigo S. Corrêa, Vinicius Valverde, Engil I. P. Pereira, and William R. Horwath. 2015.
Iron-mediated stabilization of soil carbon amplifies the benefits of ecological restoration in degraded lands.
Ecological Applications 25:1226–1234.
Ecological Archives A025-073

Liang, Yuting, Xu Zhang, Jizhong Zhou, and Guanghe Li. 2015.
Long-term oil contamination increases deterministic assembly processes in soil microbes.
Ecological Applications 25:1235–1243.
Ecological Archives A025-074

Phillips, Joe Scutt, Toby A. Patterson, Bruno Leroy, Graham M. Pilling, and Simon J. Nicol. 2015.
Objective classification of latent behavioral states in bio-logging data using multivariate-normal hidden Markov models.
Ecological Applications 25:1244–1258.
Ecological Archives A025-075

Beck, Jared J., Daniel L. Hernández, Jae R. Pasari, and Erika S. Zavaleta. 2015.
Grazing maintains native plant diversity and promotes community stability in an annual grassland.
Ecological Applications 25:1259–1270.
Ecological Archives A025-076

Pearce, A. R., E. B. Rastetter, B. L. Kwiatkowski, W. B. Bowden, M. C. Mack, and Y. Jiang. 2015.
Recovery of arctic tundra from thermal erosion disturbance is constrained by nutrient accumulation: a modeling analysis.
Ecological Applications 25:1271–1289.
Ecological Archives A025-077

Willis, Katherine J., Alistair W. R. Seddon, Peter R. Long, Elizabeth S. Jeffers, Neil Caithness, Milo Thurston, Mathijs G. D. Smit, Randi Hagemann, and Marc Macias-Fauria. 2015.
Remote assessment of locally important ecological features across landscapes: how representative of reality?
Ecological Applications 25:1290–1302.
Ecological Archives A025-078

Bircher, Nicolas, Maxime Cailleret, and Harald Bugmann. 2015.
The agony of choice: different empirical mortality models lead to sharply different future forest dynamics.
Ecological Applications 25:1303–1318.
Ecological Archives A025-079

Bufford, Jennifer L., and Orou G. Gaoue. 2015.
Defoliation by pastoralists affects savanna tree seedling dynamics by limiting the facilitative role of canopy cover.
Ecological Applications 25:1319–1329.
Ecological Archives A025-080

Hessing-Lewis, Margot L., Sally D. Hacker, Bruce A. Menge, Sea-Oh McConville, and Jeremy Henderson. 2015.
Are large macroalgal blooms necessarily bad? nutrient impacts on seagrass in upwelling-influenced estuaries.
Ecological Applications 25:1330–1347.
Ecological Archives A025-081

Ohlberger, Jan, and Øystein Langangen. 2015.
Population resilience to catastrophic mortality events during early life stages.
Ecological Applications 25:1348–1356.
Ecological Archives A025-082

Chelgren, Nathan D., and Jason B. Dunham. 2015.
Connectivity and conditional models of access and abundance of species in stream networks.
Ecological Applications 25:1357–1372.
Ecological Archives A025-083

Hasselquist, Eliza Maher, Christler Nilsson, Joakim Hjältén, Dolly Jørgensen, Lovisa Lind, and Lina E. Polvi. 2015.
Time for recovery of riparian plants in restored northern Swedish streams: a chronosequence study.
Ecological Applications 25:1373–1389.
Ecological Archives A025-084

Andersen, Ken H., Keith Brander, and Lars Ravn-Jonsen. 2015.
Trade-offs between objectives for ecosystem management of fisheries.
Ecological Applications 25:1390–1396.
Ecological Archives A025-085

Matsuzaki, Shin-Ichiro S., and Taku Kadoya. 2015.
Trends and stability of inland fishery resources in Japanese lakes: introduction of exotic piscivores as a driver.
Ecological Applications 25:1420–1432.
Ecological Archives A025-086

Ishihara, Masae I., Hajime Utsugi, Hiroyuki Tanouchi, Masahiro Aiba, Hiroko Kurokawa, Yusuke Onoda, Masahiro Nagano, Toru Umehara, Makoto Ando, Rie Miyata, and Tsutom Hiura. 2015.
Efficacy of generic allometric equations for estimating biomass: a test in Japanese natural forests.
Ecological Applications 25:1433–1446.
Ecological Archives A025-087

Xu, Chi, Milena Holmgren, Egbert H. Van Nes, Fernando T. Maestre, Santiago Soliveres, Miguel Berdugo, Sonia Kéfi, Pablo A. Marquet, Sebastian Abades, and Marten Scheffer. 2015.
Can we infer plant facilitation from remote sensing? A test across global drylands.
Ecological Applications 25:1456–1462.
Ecological Archives A025-088

Sinclair, Steve J., Peter Griffioen, David H. Duncan, Jessica E. Millett-Riley, and Matthew D. White. 2015.
Quantifying ecosystem quality by modeling multi-attribute expert opinion.
Ecological Applications 25:1463–1477.
Ecological Archives A025-089

Parks, Sean A., Lias M. Holsinger, Carol Miller, and Cara R. Nelson. 2015.
Wildland fire as a self-regulating mechanism: the role of previous burns and weather in limiting fire progression.
Ecological Applications 25:1478–1492.
Ecological Archives A025-090

Grevstad, Fritzi S., and Leonard B. Coop. 2015.
The consequences of photoperiodism for organisms in new climates.
Ecological Applications 25:1506–1517.
Ecological Archives A025-091

Cochrane, Jean Fitts, Eric Lonsdorf, Taber D. Allison, and Carol A. Sanders-Reed. 2015.
Modeling with uncertain science: estimating mitigation credits from abating lead poisoning in Golden Eagles.
Ecological Applications 25:1518–1533.
Ecological Archives A025-092

Fabina, Nicholas S., Marissa L. Baskett, and Kevin Gross. 2015.
The differential effects of increasing frequency and magnitude of extreme events on coral populations.
Ecological Applications 25:1534–1545.
Ecological Archives A025-093

Pokallus, John W., and Jonathan N. Pauli. 2015.
Population dynamics of a northern-adapted mammal: disentangling the influence of predation and climate change.
Ecological Applications 25:1546–1556.
Ecological Archives A025-094

M'Gonigle, Leithen K., Lauren C. Ponisio, Kerry Cutler, and Claire Kremen. 2015.
Habitat restoration promotes pollinator persistence and colonization in intensively managed agriculture.
Ecological Applications 25:1557–1565.
Ecological Archives A025-095

Ichinokawa, Momoko, Hiroshi Okamura, Chikako Watanabe, Atsushi Kawabata, and Yoshioki Oozeki. 2015.
Effective time closures: quantifying the conservation benefits of input control for the Pacific chub mackerel fishery.
Ecological Applications 25:1566–1584.
Ecological Archives A025-096

Pan, Huipeng, Evan L. Preisser, Dong Chu, Shaoli Wang, Qingjun Wu, Yves Carrière, Xuguo Zhou, and Youjun Zhang. 2015.
Insecticides promote viral outbreaks by altering herbivore competition.
Ecological Applications 25:1585–1595.
Ecological Archives A025-097

Lyons, Timothy P., James R. Miller, Diane M. Debinski, and David M. Engle. 2015.
Predator identity influences the effect of habitat management on nest predation.
Ecological Applications 25:1596–1605.
Ecological Archives A025-098

Ross, Beth E., Mevin B. Hooten, Jean-Michel Devink, and David N. Coons. 2015.
Combined effects of climate, predation, and density dependence on Greater and Lesser Scaup population dynamics.
Ecological Applications 25:1606–1617.
Ecological Archives A025-099

Jean, Pierre-Olivier, Robert L. Bradley,-Pierre Tremblay, and Steeve D. Côté. 2015.
Combining near infrared spectra of feces and geostatistics to generate forage nutritional quality maps across landscapes.
Ecological Applications 25:1630–1639.
Ecological Archives A025-100

Jiang, Yueyang, Edward S. Rastetter, Adrian V. Rocha, Andrea R. Pearce, Bonnie L. Kwiatkowski, and Gaius R. Shaver. 2015.
Modeling carbon–nutrient interactions during the early recovery of tundra after fire.
Ecological Applications 25:1640–1652.
Ecological Archives A025-101

McNew, Lance B., and Colleen M. Handel. 2015.
Evaluating species richness: Biased ecological inference results from spatial heterogeneity in detection probabilities.
Ecological Applications 25:1669–1680.
Ecological Archives A025-102

Dainese, Matteo, Diego Inclán Luna, Tommaso Sitzia, and Lorenzo Marini. 2015.
Testing scale-dependent effects of seminatural habitats on farmland biodiversity.
Ecological Applications 25:1681–1690.
Ecological Archives A025-103

Ananthasubramaniam, Bharath, Edward McCauley, Kurt A. Gust, Alan J. Kennedy, Erik B. Muller, Edward J. Perkins, and Roger M. Nisbet. 2015.
Relating suborganismal processes to exotoxological and population level endpoints using a bioenergetics model.
Ecological Applications 25:1691–1710.
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