Lucas C. R. Silva, Timoth A. Doane, Rodrigo S. Corrêa, Vinicius Valverde, Engil I. P. Pereira, and William R. Horwath. 2015. Iron-mediated stabilization of soil carbon amplifies the benefits of ecological restoration in degraded lands. Ecological Applications 25:1226–1234.


Appendix A: List of plant species found at each site and summarized in Fig. 3.
Ecological Archives A025-073-A1.

Appendix B: Contribution of C4-derived carbon for the formation of micro- and macroaggregates over time (years) depicted in Fig. 3.
Ecological Archives A025-073-A2.

Appendix C: In situ measurements of soil infiltration capacity conducted after the incorporation of biosolids and arrival of colonizing plants.
Ecological Archives A025-073-A3.