Johannes Radinger and Christian Wolter. 2015. Disentangling the effects of habitat suitability, dispersal, and fragmentation on the distribution of river fishes. Ecological Applications 25:914927.


Appendix A: Range of environmental variables used in the analysis.
Ecological Archives A025-055-A1.

Appendix B: Dispersal parameters of the stationary (σstat) and the mobile component (σmob) for 17 modeled fish species and graphical description of the fish dispersal model FIDIMO.
Ecological Archives A025-055-A2.

Appendix C: Details on species-specific random effects of habitat suitability (HS), dispersal probability (DI), and barrier effects (BE).
Ecological Archives A025-055-A3.


Supplement 1: GRASS-Python script to run FIDIMO for several species; derived data set and corresponding R code to calculate GLMMs and create interaction plots.
Ecological Archives A025-055-S1.