Sigrid D. P. Smith, Peter B. McIntyre, Benjamin S. Halpern, Roger M. Cooke, Adrienne L. Marino, Gregory L. Boyer, Andy Buchsbaum, G. A. Burton Jr., Linda M. Campbell, Jan J. H. Ciborowski, Patrick J. Doran,11 Dana M. Infante,12 Lucinda B. Johnson, Jennifer G. Read, Joan B. Rose, Edward S. Rutherford, Alan D. Steinman, and J. David Allan. 2015. Rating impacts in a multi-stressor world: a quantitative assessment of 50 stressors affecting the Great Lakes. Ecological Applications 25:717728.


Appendix A: Additional methods and complete survey instrument to assess the ecological impact of environmental stressors in the Laurentian Great Lakes.
Ecological Archives A025-041-A1.

Appendix B: Additional tables and figures for survey of Great Lakes experts, including additional data displays of respondents, new stressors, and components of ecosystem impact.
Ecological Archives A025-041-A2.


Supplement 1: The relative potential impact of 50 stressors in 30 habitats in the Laurentian Great Lakes based on expert elicitation.
Ecological Archives A025-041-S1.