Lance B. McNew and Colleen M. Handel. 2015. Evaluating species richness: Biased ecological inference results from spatial heterogeneity in detection probabilities. Ecological Applications 25:16691680.


Appendix A: Results of simulation analyses to compare species richness estimators under variable detection processes.
Ecological Archives A025-102-A1.


Supplement 1: R code for (1) simulating 400 data sets of bird occurrence across three temporal replicates within a closed period at 50 survey sites for a community of 40 species of birds when species detection probabilities declined with the site covariate and averaged ~0.65 (scenario 3 in text) and (2) analyzing these data sets to evaluate four estimators of local species richness: raw species counts (nave richness), second order jackknife, Chao, and multi-species occupancy model.
Ecological Archives A025-102-S1.