Brian D. Gerber and Robert P. Parmenter. 2015. Spatial capture–recapture model performance with known small-mammal densities. Ecological Applications 25:695–705.


Appendix A: Summary of small-mammal capture–recapture data for 11 populations, including the number of unique individuals captured, recaptures, trap saturation, and movement metrics.
Ecological Archives A025-039-A1.

Appendix B: Point and interval estimates of abundance and density of small-mammal populations, the fully specified Bayesian Null SCR model, the demonstration of a skewed posterior distribution on measures of central tendency and measures of uncertainty, and linear regression analyses of D_hat vs. D.
Ecological Archives A025-039-A2.


Supplement 1: The null basic spatial capture-recapture model written in JAGS code. The model estimates density and abundance from individual-based capture–mark–recapture data where individuals can only be trapped once per sampling occasion.
Ecological Archives A025-039-S1.