Jesse S. Lewis, Kenneth A. Logan, Mat W. Alldredge, Larissa L. Bailey, Sue Vandewoude, and Kevin R. Crooks. 2015. The effects of urbanization on population density, occupancy, and detection probability of wild felids. Ecological Applications 25:18801895.


Appendix A: Comparing support of the covariates weight and sex in mark-resight models.
Ecological Archives A025-117-A1.

Appendix B: Results of mark-resight models (Tables B1B12) and occupancy models (Tables B13B16) for bobcats and pumas on the Western Slope and Front Range, Colorado, USA.
Ecological Archives A025-117-A2.


Supplement 1: Data used for mark-resight, density, and occupancy analyses.
Ecological Archives A025-117-S1.