John S. Kominoski, Amy D. Rosemond, Jonathan P. Benstead, Vladislav Gulis, John C. Maerz, and David W. P. Manning. 2015. Low-to-moderate nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations accelerate microbially driven litter breakdown rates. Ecological Applications 25:856865.


Appendix A: Saturation responses of leaf litter breakdown rates (k d-1) vs. soluble reactive phosphorus and dissolved inorganic nitrogen.
Ecological Archives A025-051-A1.

Appendix B: Fungal biomass and microbial respiration data associated with incubated leaf litter.
Ecological Archives A025-051-A2.

Appendix C: Plots of residuals of leaf litter breakdown rates (k dd-1) versus dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) against soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP), and k dd-1 vs. SRP against DIN.
Ecological Archives A025-051-A3.