Log of Corrections

Accession number Date Change
E084-005-S1 3/3/03 Updated correspondent's e-mail address from "[email protected]" to "[email protected]".
E013-010 4/3/03 Appendix B changed to Supplement 1 in adherence to archive structure criteria.
E084-029-A1 and E084-029-A2 6/9/03 Page numbers of print article changed from 1333–1338 to 1333–1339.
E083-022 6/10/03 Archive pages replaced to include revisions (updates to software)
A013-017 10/21/03 Footnote in Appendices A and B changed from "Numbers represent tree diameters at breast height (dbh), and letters represent percent canopy cover. Dbh classes are 2 < 12.7 cm, 3 = 12.8–26.6 cm, 4 = 26. 7–52.1 cm, 5 = 52.2–90.2 cm, 6 > 90.3 cm. Coverage classes are P = 20–39%, N = 40-69%, G = 70–100%, X = not determined. Habitat types are from the U.S. Forest Service Regional Timber Type classifications." to:
"‡Habitat types are from 1980 USDA Forest Service Regional Timber Type classifications, updated with 1990–1995 Forest Inventory and Analysis plot data. Numbers represent tree diameters at breast height (dbh), and letters represent percent canopy cover. Tree size and canopy coverage classes were derived from U.S. Forest Service Regional Timber Type classification, but differ from those due to consideration of forest growth since the 1980 inventory, hardwood contribution to stand density and canopy coverage, and influence of stand origination type on current stand structure. Dbh classes are: 2 = 24.9–29.2 cm, 3 = 29.3–43.1 cm, 4  = 43.2–59.9 cm, 5 = 60.0–90.2 cm, 6 = >90.2 cm. Canopy coverage classes are: P = 40–59%, N = 60–79%, and G = 80–100%."
E085-022 3/18/04 Revised "CoCaMatlab.zip" replaced previous "CoCaMatlab.zip"
E085-022 3/19/04 Revised "suppl-2.htm" replaced previous "suppl-2.htm" to correct typographical errors. The file "dataraemakers.zip" was replaced with a revised "dataraemakers.zip" as were the separate unzipped data files.
M074-006 6/16/04 Article citation page numbers changed from "Ecological Monographs 74:281–307." to "Ecological Monographs 74:281–308."
M075-010 5/17/05 Added "see Appendix A" to Appendix B and "see Appendix B" to Appendix A so that readers can view the appropriate figures and information.
A015-035 8/15/05 Revised the file "appendix-A.pdf" so that Table A1 is fully visible.
M074-014 8/25/05 Corrected the file "appendix-B.htm" so that six more rows of data were added that had been left off the original.
A014-010 through A014-019 9/8/05 Index entries added to author index after it was discovered they were missing.
E086-172 2/14/06 Page number in journal for Data Paper corrected to read page 3130, changed from 3030.
E085-053-A1 2/14/06 Author name spelling corrected from "Cheat" to "Cheal".
E085-072-S1 3/14/06 A typo in 4 "txt" files, double.txt, double_covar.txt, double_switch.txt, and switch_constrained.txt was fixed (changed from b[2] to a [2] in line 14. Also, the link to switch_constrained.txt was fixed.
A016-001-A1 3/15/06 "...MLE is pf = 0.66" changed to "...MLE is pf = 0.62" in Appendix A.
E087-047 4/24/06 Replaced "Number 0.25 m-1 " with "No./0.25 m2" in section Class IV.B of the metadata.
A016-015-A2 8/2/06 Parameter a (Maximum specific growth rate) was 4.647 d -1 and was changed to 0.9842 d-1.
Parameter b (Parameter indicating onset of light saturation) was 2.307×10-3 m2 × s × (µmol photons)-1 and was changed to 1.663×10-2 m2 × s × (µmol photons)-1.
Parameter c (Photoinhibition parameter) was 6.978×10-3 m2 × s × (µmol photons)-1 and was changed to 1.989×10-3 m2 × s × (µmol photons)-1.
Parameter d (Photoinhibition parameter) was 1.880×10-4 m2 × s × (µmol photons)-1 × h-1 and was changed to 2.636×10-5 m2 × s × (µmol photons)-1 × d-1.
Parameter α (Constant of proportionality in growth equation) was 1.2798 and was changed to 1.0658.
Parameter b1 (beta^1^, Salinity parameter) was 0.0038 L/g and was changed to 0.038 L/g.
A016-047-A2 11/27/06 Link corrected to Fig. B3 (rather than mistakenly linking to Fig. B2).
E087-169-A1, A2, A3 4/4/07 Higher quality downloadable pdf files replaced the older versions.
A013-025-S1 7/13/07 Author contact information updated.
E087-047-metadata 7/24/07 Units for OSB and NSB in the metadata table corrected from "No./0.25 m2" to "No./4 cm2"
E088-142-A1 8/14/07 Last sentence "Bullard (1991)" changed to "Bullard (1999)".
A017-003-A2 8/15/07 Michael T. McGrath added to list of developers, Equations B.3 and B.4 corrected.
A017-003-A3 8/15/07 Michael T. McGrath added to list of developers.
E088-162-D1 10/10/07 Zip code in address for Mike Palmer corrected in the default page and metadata page to read 74078.
E088-107-A1 10/29/07 Last three column labels switched as follows: NB to CA, CO to NB, and CA to CO.
E088-127-A1 3/28/08 In Appendix A, last sentence of third paragraph was removed. The distance and length matrices for Figs. A1 and A2 were replaced with revised versions.
E088-096 4/1/08 Data file re-posted to fix corrupted data in the last three lines.
E089-051 4/4/08 Data Paper data file and metadata re-posted with the following revisions:
(a) increase significant figures from 3 to 5 in all floating point fields
(b) correct 14 records that had corrupted prey lengths (record numbers: 28041, 28042, 29091, 29101, 29108,29109,28133, 29303, 29724, 29989, 30081, 30082, 30086, 30087)
(c) correct 8 records where the "Prey quality of conversion to length" field was set incorrectly (record numbers: 6639, 6746, 6747, 6748, 6750, 6751, 6890, 7240, and (d) correct 19 records that had incorrect (duplicate) values in "Individual ID" (record numbers: 18855, 18857, 18858, 18860, 18862, 18865, 18866, 18867, 18869, 18871, 18872, 18873, 18876, 18878, 18879, 18880, 18883, 18884, 18885).
E089-051 4/11/08 Data Paper data file and metadata re-posted to correct predator mass, corrupted in version 2.
E086-135 8/27/08 Updated data file and metadata posted to include three additional records.
M078-021 10/30/08 All PDF files for Appendices A through F were replaced with better formatted versions that also included the following changes:

Appendix A

Line 775: changed height to heights
Line 776: removed the word height
Equations 41-42: The signs were switched.

Appendix B

Equations 44-45: changed s* and N(s) to s*(t) and N(s,t)
Equation 49 and line 818: changed ds*-hat to ds*
Equation 52: divided right-hand-side by G(s0, s*, t)
Line 822: inserted commas and of
Line 827: Switched eta and epsilon
Line 828: inserted the before "boundary value problem"

Appendix C

Line 879: change started to starting
Line 880: references to Figs. 13b and 14b were changed to figs. 13a and 14a

Appendix D

Line 882: changed an equilibrium diameter to the equilibrium diameter distribution
Equation 73: used ? instead of =.
Equation 74: used ? instead of =.

Appendix E

Line 920: changed reference (24) to (24-26)
Lines 930 and 939: change (t) to (?)
Line 955 changed Like the 2^nd term, the 1^st term
Line 970: changed eigenvalues to eigenvalue
Line 978-979: changed there are ? one positive and one negative to there is one positive ? and one negative ?.
Line 979: changed positive ? to ?; change large to larger
Line 980: change exits to exists

Appendix F

Eqn 90: changed the direction of the inequality
A018-062-A1 11/13/08 Fig. A1 in Appendix A was replaced with a corrected version showing y axis values to 300 rather than 100.
A018-015 1/19/09 The following information was addded to the appendix pages: Dr. Laurene Ratcliffe should be contacted at [email protected] for permission to use the data and for information about the data set.
M079-007 4/20/09 PDF files of Appendices A and B were replaced to correct some typos and a reference to a Table in the main article.
E089-115 7/30/09 Due to an error in the formulas presented, Appendix A and the executable and source code in the Supplement (Dieta1.exe and Dieta1.c) were replaced with corrected versions.
E090-184 8/24/09 The PanTHERIA_1-0_WR93_Aug2008.txt file was replaced to reflect the -999s that should have been on the last few columns. Also, the metatdata.htm file was revised to replace the numbers in the authentication procedures section with more accurate rounding.
E087-050 2/7/10 Curly bracket added to end of text file MultiSpeciesSiteOccModel.txt.
M079-007 3/2/10 Author Philip Higuera's contact information updated.
E091-180 7/26/10 Order of appendix titles reversed and corrected.
A017-043 8/15/10 Link to r code file in suppl-1.htm file fixed.
E091-165 8/15/10 Links to appendices that were broken have been fixed.
A020-057 8/19/10 Values in Table B3, Appendix B, for weight-at-length and fecundity-at-length were corrected due to error in conversion to HTML.
E089-119 10/28/10 Corrections made to equations 8 and 9 of the metadata and index entry added to Data Paper index for 2008.
E090-118 2/15/11 Replaced rodent data File with uncorrupted data file named Portal_rodents_19772002.csv
A021-009-A4 3/29/11 Title for Appendix D table corrected.
A021-034-A1 4/8/11 Corrected units in Table A8 and text just below from g kcal-1 d-1 to mg kcal-1 d-1 and replaced the units % mass with % of total calories in the table.
E091-026-S1 4/15/11 srcat.R file replaced with corrected version wherein a missing parentheses was added to line 276.
E092-032-A2 4/18/11 Appendix B material replaced to correct typos.
E092-082-A4 11/7/11 Corrected errors in greek symbols, replaced missing exponent in equation.
E092-053-A6 11/22/11 Units for total enzyme activities and specific enzyme activities were corrected to nanomols and picomols respectively.
E092-143-D1 1/3/12 A few dozen of the individual plant records (out of >200,000) had no species label ("NA" values in the species field). This corrected version of the data replaces those missing data with the correct species labels. In making this correction, we also changed 30 records from polygon to point geometry.The sizes of the files has changed slightly:
shapefiles.zip is 33,505,926 bytes.
allrecords_density.csv has 125,201 records is 9,414,808 bytes in size.
allrecords_cover.csv has 81,365 records and is 7,606,877 bytes.
species_list.csv has 155 records and is 5,128 bytes.
E092-097 5/7/12 An updated version of the metadata and data files were posted. Also, in the older archived version of the metadata, a typo in the file size for sources.csv was corrected.
C002-001 through C003-011 7/2/12 MD5 (checksum) values added to all downloadable files posted for Ecosphere's archives to date.
C003-009 11/18/12 Author "J. Pearl" removed from list of authors.
E093-083 2/11/13 A snippet of R code was replaced in the metadata.
E094-045 4/4/13 Complete author information was added to the default file.
E093-195 and E093-238 5/17/13 HTML versions of math-heavy appendices were replaced with pdf files.
E094-093 8/8/13 Incomplete supplement page replaced with completed version.
E094-123 8/27/13 The MycoFlor.txt file was replaced with a corrected version.
E094-195 9/23/13 Updates were made to the metadata document.
E094-197 10/28/13 Fig. D2 added to Appendix D.
E094-245 11/13/13 Address correction for Dr. Kushner from 901 Spinnaker Driver to 1901 Spinnaker Drive and zip code corrected to 93001.
E094-157 1/8/14 Fig. E1 caption corrected.
E092-170 2/10/14 Data file OSIBI_2007-2009_headings.txt replaced with corrected version.
E094-244 2/28/14 Sampling dates for the 2 cover data files for period 52 at sites 4 and 5 were corrected from 11/9/2006 to 4/19/06.
E089-051 3/5/14 Literature cited entry fixed in the metadata.htm file. Also, version 4 data file posted with minor correction
E094-088 4/23/14 Supplement metadata page replaced with completed version.
E094-083 8/27/14 Last author name corrected from "Larry Venable" to "D. Lawrence Venable".
E095-224 9/25/14 Figs. E1 and F1 replaced with corrected versions.
E092-160 10/21/14 A corrected version of the R code file in Supplement 2 was added for accession number E092-160-S2.
E095-257 11/5/14 Units in Tables B.1 through B.5 were corrected from mm3 to μm3.
E094-021 12/16/14 BarentsFish.csv file replaced with uncorrupted version.
A025-087 8/12/15 Table A2 added to Appendix A.
C003-010 12/4/15 Updated R code posted.
E094-006 2/19/16 Corrected spelling of author's name from Augsburger to Augspurger.
A025-072 5/2/16 Corrected Appendix A uploaded.