Larry V. Hedges, Jessica Gurevitch, and Peter S. Curtis. 1999. The meta-analysis of response ratio experiments in experimental ecology. Ecology 80:1150-1156.


Supplement 1: Responses of woody plants to CO2.
Ecological Archives E080-008-S1.

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The data were assembled by:

Peter S. Curtis
Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
1735 Neil Avenue
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1293
E-mail: [email protected]

Documentation and data formatting was contributed by:

Antoinette L. Brenkert
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6335
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

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Data files

suppl-1.txt -- space-delimited ASCII data file
refs.txt -- references
comments.txt -- comments
sas.txt -- SAS input file -- Download all files as a single zip file


The database consists of three files. A data file, reference file, and comment file. All can be viewed on-line or downloaded. A SAS file can also be downloaded to permit reading of the data file into a SAS program.

The data file consists of 102 observations, each with 26 variables related to CO2-exposure meta-analysis for woody plants:

(1) OBSNO The observation number relative to Curtis & Wang (1998) Oecologia 113: 299.

(2) PAP_NO The database paper numbers

(3) PARAM The names of the measured parameters. In this case only one variable was analysed: TOTWT - whole plant weight

(4) P_UNIT Parameter units (linked to PARAM, field 3). These units are unique for each paper and/or PARAM.

(5) GENUS Genus name

(6) SPECIES Species name

(7) DIV1 Functional division #1. All data refer to 'WOODY' species in this database

(8) DIV2 Functional division #2. Species are described as either:

ANGIO - angiosperms
GYMNO - gymnosperms
N2FIX - N2 fixation by species in experiment

(9) AMBC Ambient CO2 treatment level (for units: see field 10)

(10) ELEV Elevated CO2 treatment level (for units: see field 10) (when more then one elevated CO2 treatment level was reported, only the elevated CO2 level that was ~twice the ambient level was included in the database)

(11) CO2_UNIT CO2 exposure units:

Pa - Pascal
ubar - 1 bar = 100 kPa or 1 Pa = ~10 ubar

(12) TIME Maximum length of time (days) of the CO2 exposure. In some cases this was approximated (e.g. in long-term exposures)

(13) POT Growing method:

numeric - pot size in liters, used during the major part of the experiment
GRND - plants rooted in the ground
HYDRO - solution or aeroponic culture

(14) METHOD CO2-exposure facility:

BRANCH - branch chambers
GC - indoor, controlled environment: growth chambers
GH - sunlit greenhouses and chambers within greenhouses
OTC - field-based open-top chambers
SPAR - high tech soil-plant-atmosphere chambers
FACE - free air CO2 enrichment (not in this database)

(15) STOCK Planting stock codes:

BRANCH - branches exposed
MATURE - mature plants exposed
SAP - plants started from cuttings
SEED - plants started from seeds

(16) XTRT Interacting treatment codes:

NONE - no treatment
COMP - plant competition
FERT+L - soil fertility and light
FERT - soil fertility
H2O - well watered vs drought
LIGHT - light treatment
TEMP - temperature treatment
OZONE - ozone exposure
UVB - ultraviolet-B radiation exposure

(17) LEVEL Interacting treatment-level codes. The levels are treatment-dependent and cannot be further categorized, either objectively or quatitatively; field 17 provides a LEVEL description.

For these treatments LEVEL = a missing value:

NONE - .
COMP - .
FERT+L - . (see Paper-Comment file)

For soil fertility treatment FERT:

missing (.) when treatment can not be clearly described (see Paper-Comment file).

For H2O treatment:

DRT - drought
WW - well watered

For LIGHT treatment:


For TEMP treatment:


For stress interactions:


(18) SOURCE Figure, table or page from which data were extracted e.g.:

F1 - figure 1
F1a - figure 1a
T1 - table 1
P235 - page 235 of text
1emeta - pers. com. with authors

(19) X_AMB Mean response of ambient CO2-level grown plants (units in field 4)

(20) SE_AMB Standard error of mean of ambient CO2-level grown plants

(21) SD_AMB Standard deviation of ambient CO2-level grown plants

(22) N_AMB Number of observations of ambient CO2-level grown plants

(23) X_ELEV Mean response of elevated CO2-level grown plants (units in field 4)

(24) SE_ELEV Standard error of mean of elevated CO2-level grown plants

(25) SD_ELEV Standard deviation of elevated CO2-level grown plants

(26) N_ELEV Number of observations of elevated CO2-level grown plants

The reference list contains the selected literature represented in the data files. References correspond to the paper numbers (field 2) in the data file.

The comments file has the same paper numbers as the reference and data files and lists specific comments related to the data in the data file.

The SAS input file reads the data from the data file into a SAS program.

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