A. Coulon, J. Aben, S. C. F. Palmer, V. M. Stevens, T. Callens, D. Strubbe, L. Lens, E. Matthysen, M. Baguette, and J. M. J. Tavis. 2015. A stochastic movement simulator improves estimates of landscape connectivity. Ecology 96:2203–2213. http://dx.doi.org/10.1890/14-1690.1


Appendix A: Map of the Cabanis’s greenbul study area showing the location of the four forest fragments NG, FU, ND, and CH (dark gray) and the composition of the intervening landscape.
Ecological Archives E096-194-A1.

Appendix B: Map of the natterjack toad study area located in southern Belgium.
Ecological Archives E096-194-A2.

Appendix C: Parameters of SMS runs performed to estimate connectivity for the Cabanis’s greenbul and the natterjack toad.
Ecological Archives E096-194-A3.

Appendix D: Genotyping procedure and genotypic data quality assessment for the Cabanis’s greenbul.
Ecological Archives E096-194-A4.

Appendix E: Map-based comparison between methods for the natterjack toad.
Ecological Archives E096-194-A5.

Appendix F: Connectivity estimates between Cabanis’s greenbul populations.
Ecological Archives E096-194-A6.

Appendix G: Connectivity estimates between toad populations.
Ecological Archives E096-194-A7.

Appendix H: Effect of varying the SMS perceptual range (PR) parameter on the Mantel correlation of the estimated numbers of migrant natterjack toads between sites per generation from the migrate model with estimated connectivity between sites predicted by SMS (red diamonds) using the cost landscape gridded at 3-m resolution and a directional persistence of 10.
Ecological Archives E096-194-A8.


Supplement 1: SMS model used to estimate connectivity for Cabanis’s greenbul Phyllastrephus cabanisi.
Ecological Archives E096-194-S1.

Supplement 2: SMS model used to estimate connectivity for the natterjack toad Epidalea calamita.
Ecological Archives E096-194-S2.

Supplement 3: SAS macro to perform a Mantel test for correlation between two connectivity matrices.
Ecological Archives E096-194-S3.