P. S. Petraitis and S. R. Dudgeon. 2015. Variation in recruitment and the establishment of alternative community states. Ecology 96:3186–3196. http://dx.doi.org/10.1890/14-2107.1


Appendix A: Seven tables and three figures that present additional analysis and graphs supporting the results and conclusions.
Ecological Archives E096-274-A1.

Appendix B: Description of Burnham and Anderson’s approach for multimodel inference.
Ecological Archives E096-274-A2.


Supplement 1: Information about experimental plots.
Ecological Archives E096-274-S1.

Supplement 2: Text file of 2008–2012 data that can be seamlessly appended to 1997–2007 data that can be found in Ecological Archives E090-039.
Ecological Archives E096-274-S2.

Supplement 3: R script and data to run analyses presented in Tables A2 and A3 and to create Fig. A1.
Ecological Archives E096-274-S3.

Supplement 4: R script and data file to run cusp analysis presented in Tables A4 and A5.
Ecological Archives E096-274-S4.

Supplement 5: R script and data files to run correlations and Mantel tests as shown in Table A7 and Fig. A2.
Ecological Archives E096-274-S5.

Supplement 6: R script and data file for analysis of the effects of scraping, which is presented in Table A8.
Ecological Archives E096-274-S6.