Adam T. Ford, Jacob R. Goheen, David J. Augustine, Margaret F. Kinnaird, Timothy G. O’brien, Todd M. Palmer, Robert M. Pringle, and Rosie Woodroffe. 2015. Recovery of African wild dogs suppresses prey but does not trigger a trophic cascade. Ecology 96:2705–2714.


Appendix A: Description of study area, methods for assessing the abundance of dik-dik and wild dogs, hypotheses tested, and statistical methods used.
Ecological Archives E096-238-A1.

Appendix B: Supplementary results showing the distribution of wild dogs before and after denning, rainfall since 1998, change in stem density for 4 groups of tree species in experiments established before and after wild dog recovery, model selection results for factors affecting dik-dik abundance, and the abundance of dominant ungulate species before and after wild dog recovery.
Ecological Archives E096-238-A2.