Elizabeth L. Middleton, Sarah Richardson, Liz Koziol, Corey E.Palmer, Zhanna Yermakov, Jeremiah A. Henning, Peggy A. Schultz, and James D. Bever. 2015. Locally adapted arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi improve vigor and resistance to herbivory of native prairie plant species. Ecosphere 6:276. http://dx.doi.org/10.1890/es15-00152.1


Appendix A: Data files and column descriptions used for analyses.
Ecological Archives C006-111-A1.


Supplement 1: Description of the data files used to analyze nurse plant survival and growth, test plant survival and growth, response of Ratibida pinnata to herbivory, and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonization and composition.
Ecological Archives C006-111-S1.