Douglas J. Tempel, R. J. Gutiťrrez, John J. Battles, Danny L. Fry, Yanjun Su, Qinghua Guo, Matthew J. Reetz, Sheila A. Whitmore, Gavin M. Jones, Brandon M. Collins, Scott L. Stephens, Maggi Kelly, William J. Berrigan, and M. Zachariah Peery. 2015. Evaluating short- and long-term impacts of fuels treatments and simulated wildfire on an old-forest species. Ecosphere 6:261.


Appendix A: Accuracy assessment of pre- and post-treatment vegetation maps.
Ecological Archives C006-101-A1.

Appendix B: A figure showing California Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis occidentalis) habitat suitability index for (a) control and (b) treatment firesheds on a 13,482-ha study area in the Sierra Nevada under four scenarios: (1) no fuel treatments and no wildfire; (2) fuel treatments and no wildfire; (3) no fuel treatments and wildfire; and (4) fuel treatments and wildfire.
Ecological Archives C006-101-A2.