Rogelio Cruz-Reyes, Germán Ávila-Sakar, Gumersindo Sánchez-Montoya, and Mauricio Quesada. 2015. Experimental assessment of gene flow between transgenic squash and a wild relative in the center of origin of cucurbits. Ecosphere 6:248.


Appendix A: Location of wild populations of gourds and additional details per crosses type and tested proportions, number of families per crosses in parental, hybrids, and backcrosses.
Ecological Archives C006-092-A1.

Appendix B: Details of sowing in experimental plot and molecular analysis in plants to detect the gene marker of transgenic cassette.
Ecological Archives C006-092-A2.

Appendix C: Number of transgenic plants per family and comparisons of performance of hybrids, between plants VRT and non-VRT.
Ecological Archives C006-092-A3.