Laura A. Burkle, Jonathan A. Myers, and R. Travis Belote. 2015. Wildfire disturbance and productivity as drivers of plant species diversity across spatial scales. Ecosphere 6:202.


Appendix A: A table showing the effects of fire severity (mixed severity, high severity, unburned) on overall species composition of all plants, forbs, graminoids, and woody plants in sites Helena (low productivity), Paradise Valley (medium productivity), and Whitefish (high productivity); a table showing tree abundance among fire-severities and sites; and figures showing boxplots of fire severity in mixed-severity and high-severity fire transects in the study sites, ordination of plant species composition (Bray-Curtis similarity based on raw abundance data) in unburned transects derived from nonmetric multi-dimensional scaling, species accumulation curves and ordination of plant species compositionin unburned, mixed-severity fire, and high-severity fire communities in Helena, Paradise Valley, and Whitefish for forbs, graminoids, and woody plants, and boxplots of the effects of wildfire severity on community dispersion (distance-to-centroids) of forbs, graminoids, and woody plants in Helena, Paradise Valley, and Whitefish.
Ecological Archives C006-060-A1.