Sarah R. Supp, David N. Koons, and S. K. Morgan Ernest. 2015. Using life history trade-offs to understand core-transient structuring of a small mammal community. Ecosphere 6:187.


Appendix A: Figures showing the species-level movement distances calculated from the recapture data, observed yearly reproductive effort for individuals of each species from the field study, PCA biplot with confidence ellipses for phylogenetic relatedness at the family level, apparent survival estimates (Φ) shown against the log(Y+1) distance (benchmark) moved for each species and probability of moving a relatively long distance (ψ) as estimated using RMark, and movement estimates (benchmark, ψ) shown against fecundity for each species. Evidence for a reproduction-movement trade-off is not statistically significant.
Ecological Archives C006-049-A1.


Supplement 1: Code for conducting the analyses and generating the figures in this paper, including partially processed data.
Ecological Archives C006-049-S1.