Sadie J. Ryan, Tal Ben-Horin, and Leah R. Johnson. 2015. Malaria control and senescence: the importance of accounting for the pace and shape of aging in wild mosquitoes. Ecosphere 6:170.


Appendix A: A table giving P values of pairwise exact multinomial tests of differences in the physiological age distribution of An. gambiae recorded among monthly house-catches, and figures describing predicted An. gambiae survival at age (Sa), and Scaled individual vectorial capacity (Ci), the shape of ageing, (L/Λ), and age-dependent lab and wild An. gambiae mortality and the age-distribution model estimate, shown for increasing values of EIP (A:10, B:20, C:30 days).
Ecological Archives C006-036-A1.


Supplement 1: Summary of Akaike information criteria (AIC) for the constant and Gompertz mortality models for all Monte Carlo realizations.
Ecological Archives C006-036-S1.