Virginia L. Winder, Kaylan M. Carrlson, Andrew J. Gregory, Christian A. Hagen, David A. Haukos, Dylan C. Kesler, Lena C. Larsson, Ty W. Matthews, Lance B. McNew, Michael A. Patten, Jim C. Pitman, Larkin A. Powell, Jennifer A. Smith, Tom Thompson, Donald H. Wolfe, and Brett K. Sandercock. 2015. Factors affecting female space use in ten populations of prairie chickens. Ecosphere 6:166.


Appendix A: Study site descriptions, environmental conditions, and monitoring efforts for ten populations of Greater and Lesser Prairie-Chickens in the Great Plains.
Ecological Archives C006-033-A1.

Appendix B: Population level β coefficients from resource utilization function models relating space use by female prairie chickens to distance to road.
Ecological Archives C006-033-A2.