Nicholas A. Pardikes, Arthur M. Shapiro, Lee A. Dyer, and Matthew L. Forister. 2015. Global weather and local butterflies: variable responses to a large-scale climate pattern along an elevational gradient. Ecology 96:28912901.


Appendix A: Supplementary information, including detailed monitoring site information, species used in this analysis, presence data over the 23-year monitoring period, correlation matrix, additional ANOVA tables, and results from additional path analyses.
Ecological Archives E096-253-A1.

Appendix B: Supplementary figures, including relationships between butterfly abundance and maximum and minimum temperatures, site and species-specific responses to ENSO-derived SSTA for the remaining 22-species not shown in Fig. 3, and relationships between SSTA and local weather (i.e., precipitation, maximum and minimum temperature).
Ecological Archives E096-253-A2.