Sara E. Kuebbing, Aimée T. Classen, Jaime J. Call, Jeremiah A. Henning, and Daniel Simberloff. 2015. Plant–soil interactions promote co-occurrence of three nonnative woody shrubs. Ecology 96:2289–2299.


Appendix A: Tables showing ANOVA with a priori linear contrasts, spatial autocorrelation for dependent and independent variables in a field plant–soil feedback experiment, standardized regression coefficients and AIC scores from reduced mixed effect models and simultaneous autoregressive error models, and mean and standard error of plant growth metrics from a greenhouse plant–soil feedback experiment; and figures showing the experimental design of greenhouse plant–soil feedback experiment, feedback calculations for three nonnative shrubs in home and sterile soils, and plots of the first two principal component axes used to describe variation among field plots in a field plant–soil feedback experiment.
Ecological Archives E096-200-A1.