Jeffrey P. Stephens, Keith A. Berven, Scott D. Tiegs, and Thomas R. Raffel. 2015. Ecological stoichiometry quantitatively predicts responses of tadpoles to a food quality gradient. Ecology 96:2070–2076.


Appendix A: Supplementary discussion of ecological stoichiometry and the “minimal model”, tadpole trophic ecology and resource use, alternative explanations for toad results, and dissolved polyphenolic effects on tadpoles.
Ecological Archives E096-183-A1.

Appendix B: Detailed methods for mesocosm preparation, animal collection, litter chemistry and biofilm measurements, detailed modeling methods, algal C:N sources, and statistical analysis.
Ecological Archives E096-183-A2.

Appendix C: Supplemental tables and figures presenting: leaf litter composition measurements, model parameters and variables, model optimization results, generalized linear model results, sensitivity analysis, sources of algal C and N values, treatment effects on amphibian traits, and gut contents analysis results.
Ecological Archives E096-183-A3.