Stilianos Louca and Michael Doebeli. 2015. Detecting cyclicity in ecological time series. Ecology 96:17241732.


Appendix A: Derivation of the expected periodogram of the OUSS process.
Ecological Archives E096-154-A1.

Appendix B: Details on periodogram analysis (OUSS estimation, calculation of P values).
Ecological Archives E096-154-A2.

Appendix C: Bias and correction of the FAP estimator.
Ecological Archives E096-154-A3.

Appendix D: Details on the theoretical comparison of the WN and OUSS null hypotheses.
Ecological Archives E096-154-A4.

Appendix E: Details on the simulation of the LGSS models.
Ecological Archives E096-154-A5.

Appendix F: Details of the statistical analysis of the GPDD.
Ecological Archives E096-154-A6.


Supplement 1: R code used for the statistical analysis of the GPDD.
Ecological Archives E096-154-S1.

Supplement 2: Tables listing the GPDD analysis results, including fitted OUSS parameters and POUSS and PWN values for each considered GPDD time series.
Ecological Archives E096-154-S2.

Supplement 3: R code demonstrating the use of the peacots package for the periodogram analysis of a few example time series using the OUSS null model.
Ecological Archives E096-154-S3.

Supplement 4: C++ source code for the numerical simulations of the OUSS model and the population models. This code was also used to construct the CDF grid for the FAP correction.
Ecological Archives E096-154-S4.