Ecological Archives E096-136-A2

Susanne Wurst, Nina Kaiser, Susann Nitzsche, Josephine Haase, Harald Auge, Matthias C. Rillig, and Jeff R. Powell. 2015. Tree diversity modifies distance-dependent effects on seedling emergence but not plant–soil feedbacks of temperate trees. Ecology 96:1529–1539.

Appendix B. Visual depictions of the plot layout in the field experiment, allocation of field inocula to treatments in the greenhouse experiment, and collection points around trees.


Fig. B1. Plot layout for the field experiment, manipulating tree diversity. We collected soil samples from five plots in each of two blocks, for use as inoculum: Quercus and Fagus monocultures, five-species mixtures excluding Quercus or Fagus, and six-species mixtures containing both Quercus or Fagus.



Fig. B2. Visual representation of the collection of inoculum from field plots and allocation to treatments in the greenhouse experiment. The same inoculum was used in both the home and away treatments under low diversity (monoculture), while different sources of inoculum were used for the home and away treatments under high diversity (the five- or six-species mixtures). Plot labels for each treatment from the field experiment are provided in boxes; see Supplementary Figure 1 to see the locations of specific plots.



Fig. B3. Position of sampling locations (blue) around individual trees (green). Composite samples were generated from the four samples collected within each distance class (15 cm, 50 cm) for each tree (three trees per plot per species).

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