Meryl C. Mims, Ivan C. Phillipsen, David A. Lytle, Emily E. Hartfield Kirk, and Julian D. Olden. 2015. Ecological strategies predict associations between aquatic and genetic connectivity for dryland amphibians. Ecology 96:13711382.


Appendix A: Description of sampling and genetic methods as well as assessment of potential bias due to different sampling methods. Appendix A also includes sampling maps for all three species and tables describing sampling and genetic information by site and by species, microsatellite loci for red-spotted toads and canyon treefrogs, results from Hardy Weinberg exact tests, microsatellite loci characteristics, STRUCTURE results, and results of assessment of bias across sampling methods.
Ecological Archives E096-122-A1.

Appendix B: Additional description of landscape resistance methods and tables describing landscape resistance values and source data, correlation coefficients between resistance/distance values, mixed-effects modeling results for major genetic clusters of canyon treefrogs and Mexican spadefoots, and results of multiple regression with distance matrices.
Ecological Archives E096-122-A2.