Lucía Vivanco, Irina C. Irvine, and Jennifer B. H. Martiny. 2015. Nonlinear responses in salt marsh functioning to increased nitrogen addition. Ecology 96:936–947.


Appendix A: Photograph showing plant biomass increase with nitrogen addition at Tijuana River Estuary, California, USA.
Ecological Archives E096-084-A1.

Appendix B: Detailed description of the principal component analysis of biogeochemical variables that describe baseline conditions among three Californian salt marshes and a table showing the eigenvector scores of 12 biogeochemical variables in three main PCA axes in control plots at 7 months of fertilization.
Ecological Archives E096-084-A2.

Appendix C: Model fitting of plant, microbial, and sediment responses to nitrogen addition gradient, and a figure showing data fitting to five models and their Akaike values are presented.
Ecological Archives E096-084-A3.