Stuart Wagenius. 2006. Scale-dependence of reproductive failure in fragmented Echinacea populations. Ecology 87:931–941.


Appendix A: A table presenting counts of flowering plants in focal remnant Echinacea populations over three years.
Ecological Archives E087-054-A1.

Appendix B: Figures showing the scale dependence of the relationship between individual-based Echinacea density and four individual annual reproductive fitness measures during two years.
Ecological Archives E087-054-A2.

Appendix C: A table presenting regression coefficients of population size on four annual reproductive fitness measures when the preserve is not included.
Ecological Archives E087-054-A3.

Appendix D: Figures showing the distribution of isolation and density of individual Echinacea plants in the preserve compared to those in surrounding remnants.
Ecological Archives E087-054-A4.


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