Sébastien Durand, Pierre Legendre, and S. Kim Juniper. 2006. Sonar backscatter differentiation of dominant macrohabitat types in a hydrothermal vent field. Ecological Applications 16:1421–1435.


Appendix A: Three tables showing (1) the definitions of the variables describing echo shapes along with the transformation details, (2) transformation trials for the intensity variables data, and (3) the variables retained by forward selection.
Ecological Archives A016-047-A1.

Appendix B: Figures showing habitat clusters that were obtained from different altitude ranges using the variables with the highest selection frequencies (SEL variable subset) projected on the first and second discriminant axes.
Ecological Archives A016-047-A2.


Supplement 1: Package for data analysis of echoes used in this study and a sample data set.
Ecological Archives A016-047-S1.


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