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Lahoz-Monfort, Jos J., Byron J. T. Morgan, Michael P. Harris, Francis Daunt, Sarah Wanless, and Stephen N. Freeman. 2013.
Breeding together: modeling synchrony in productivity in a seabird community.
Ecology 94:310.
Ecological Archives E094-001

Alves, Jose A., Tomas G. Gunnarsson, Daniel B. Hayhow, Graham F. Appleton, Peter M. Potts, William J. Sutherland, and Jennifer A. Gill. 2013.
Costs, benefits, and fitness consequences of different migratory strategies.
Ecology 94:1117.
Ecological Archives E094-002

Craft, Jonathan D., Valerie J. Paul, and Erik E. Sotka. 2013.
Biogeographic and phylogenetic effects of feeding resistance of generalist herbivores toward plant chemical defenses.
Ecology 94:1824.
Ecological Archives E094-003

Clark, Graeme F., Emma L. Johnston, and Brian Leung. 2013.
Intrinsic time-dependence in the diversityinvasibility relationship.
Ecology 94:2531.
Ecological Archives E094-004

Lankau, Richard A. 2013.
Species invasion alters local adaptation to soil communities in a native plant.
Ecology 94:3240.
Ecological Archives E094-005

Augspurger, Carol K. 2013.
Reconstructing patterns of temperature, phenology, and frost damage over 124 years: Spring damage risk is increasing.
Ecology 94:4150.
Ecological Archives E094-006

Grman, Emily, and Todd M. P. Robinson. 2013.
Resource availability and imbalance affect plantmycorrhizal interactions: a field test of three hypotheses.
Ecology 94:6271.
Ecological Archives E094-007

strm, Jens, and Tomas Prt. 2013.
Negative and matrix-dependent effects of dispersal corridors in an experimental metacommunity.
Ecology 94:7282.
Ecological Archives E094-008

Koenig, Walter D., and Johannes M. H. Knops. 2013.
Large-scale spatial synchrony and cross-synchrony in acorn production by two California oaks.
Ecology 94:8393.
Ecological Archives E094-009

Schreeg, Laura A., Michelle C. Mack, and Benjamin L. Turner. 2013.
Nutrient-specific solubility patterns of leaf litter solubility across 41 lowland tropical woody species.
Ecology 94:94105.
Ecological Archives E094-010

Ferguson, Nick, Craig R. White, and Dustin J. Marshall. 2013.
Competition in benthic marine invertebrates: the unrecognized role of exploitative competition for oxygen.
Ecology 94:126135.
Ecological Archives E094-011

Lohrer, Andrew M., Ivn F. Rodil, Michael Townsend, Luca D. Chiaroni, Judi E. Hewitt, and Simon F. Thrush. 2013.
Biogenic habitat transitions influence facilitation in a marine soft-sediment ecosystem.
Ecology 94:136145.
Ecological Archives E094-012

Marhaver, Kristen L., Mark J. A. Vermeij, Forest Rohwer, and Stuart A. Sandin. 2013.
Janzen-Connell effects in a broadcast-spawning Caribbean coral: distance-dependent survival of larvae and settlers.
Ecology 94:146160.
Ecological Archives E094-013

Ben-Horin, Tal, Hunter S. Lenihan, and Kevin D. Lafferty. 2013.
Variable intertidal temperature explains why disease endangers black abalone.
Ecology 94:161168.
Ecological Archives E094-014

Nichols, Elizabeth, Mara Uriarte, Daniel E. Bunker, Mario E. Favila, Eleanor M. Slade, Kevina Vulinec, Trond Larsen, Fernando Vaz-de-Mello, Julio Louzada, Shahid Naeem, and Sacha H. Spector. 2013.
Trait-dependent response of dung beetle populations to tropical forest conversion at local and regional scales.
Ecology 94:180189.
Ecological Archives E094-015

Roland, Jens, and Stephen F. Matter. 2013.
Variability in winter climate, and winter extremes, reduce population growth of an alpine butterfly.
Ecology 94:190199.
Ecological Archives E094-016

Pardo, Deborah, Christophe Barbraud, Matthieu Authier, and Henri Weimerskirch. 2013.
Evidence for an age-dependent influence of environmental variations on a long-lived seabird's life-history traits.
Ecology 94:208220.
Ecological Archives E094-017

Seward, Adam M., Colin M. Beale, Lucy Gilbert, T. Hefin Jones, and Robert J. Thomas. 2013.
The impact of increased food availability on survival of a long-distance migratory bird.
Ecology 94:221230.
Ecological Archives E094-018

Greenacre, Michael. 2013.
The contributions of rare objects in correspondence analysis.
Ecology 94:241249.
Ecological Archives E094-019

Kaukonen, Maarit, Anna Liisa Ruotsalainen, Piippa R. Wli, Minna K. Mnnist, Heikki Setl, Karita Saravesi, Karoliina Huusko, and Annamari Markkola . 2013.
Moth herbivory enhances resource turnover in subarctic mountain birch forests?
Ecology 94:267272.
Ecological Archives E094-020

Greenacre, Michael. 2013.
Fuzzy coding in constrained ordinations.
Ecology 94:280286.
Ecological Archives E094-021

Royle, J. Andrew, Richard B. Chandler, Kimberly D. Gazenski, Tabitha A. Graves . 2013.
Spatial capturerecapture models for jointly estimating population density and landscape connectivity.
Ecology 94:287294.
Ecological Archives E094-022

Burns, K. C. 2013.
What causes size coupling in fruitfrugivore interaction webs?
Ecology 94:295300.
Ecological Archives E094-023

Carlo, Tomas A., Daniel Garcia, Daniel Martinez, Jason M. Gleditsch, and Juan M. Morales . 2013.
Where do seeds go when they go far? Distance and directionality of avian seed dispersal in heterogeneous landscapes.
Ecology 94:301307.
Ecological Archives E094-024

Frye, Graham G., John W. Connelly, David D. Musil, and Jennifer S. Forbey . 2013.
Phytochemistry predicts habitat selection by an avian herbivore at multiple spatial scales.
Ecology 94:308314.
Ecological Archives E094-025

Rollinson, Njall, and Jeffrey A. Hutchings. 2013.
The relationship between offspring size and fitness: integrating theory and empiricism.
Ecology 94:315324.
Ecological Archives E094-026

Mariette, Mylene M., and Simon C. Griffith. 2013.
Does coloniality improve foraging efficiency and nestling provisioning? A field experiment in the wild Zebra Finch.
Ecology 94:325335.
Ecological Archives E094-027

Mitchell, Timothy S., Daniel A. Warner, and Fredric J. Janzen. 2013.
Phenotypic and fitness consequences of maternal nest-site choice across multiple early life stages.
Ecology 94:336345.
Ecological Archives E094-028

Voigt, Christian C., Karin Schneeberger, and Anja Luckner . 2013.
Ecological and dietary correlates of stable hydrogen isotope ratios in fur and body water of syntopic tropical bats.
Ecology 94:346355.
Ecological Archives E094-029

Budy, Phaedra, Gary P. Thiede, Javier Lobn-Cervi, Gustavo Gonzalez Fernandez, Peter McHugh, Angus McIntosh, Lief Asbjrn Vllestad, Eloy Becares, and Phillip Jellyman . 2013.
Limitation and facilitation of one of the world's most invasive fish: an intercontinental comparison.
Ecology 94:356367.
Ecological Archives E094-030

Schuwirth, Nele, and Peter Reichert. 2013.
Bridging the gap between theoretical ecology and real ecosystems: modeling invertebrate community composition in streams.
Ecology 94:368379.
Ecological Archives E094-031

Civitello, David J., Rachel M. Penczykowski, Jessica L. Hite, Meghan A. Duffy, and Spencer R. Hall . 2013.
Potassium stimulates fungal epidemics in Daphnia by increasing host and parasite reproduction.
Ecology 94:380388.
Ecological Archives E094-032

Barrett, Carolyn M., Ryan Kelly, Philip E. Higuera, and Feng Sheng Hu . 2013.
Climatic and land-cover influences on the spatiotemporal dynamics of Holocene boreal fire regimes.
Ecology 94:389402.
Ecological Archives E094-033

Suseela, Vidya, and Jeffrey S. Dukes. 2013.
The responses of soil and rhizosphere respiration to simulated climatic changes vary by season.
Ecology 94:403413.
Ecological Archives E094-034

Barker Plotkin, Audrey, David Foster, Joel Carlson, and Alison Magill . 2013.
Survivors, not invaders, control forest development following simulated hurricane.
Ecology 94:414423.
Ecological Archives E094-035

Veldman, Joseph W., W. Brett Mattingly, and Lars A. Brudvig . 2013.
Understory plant communities and the functional distinction between savanna trees, forest trees, and pines.
Ecology 94:424434.
Ecological Archives E094-036

Gillespie, S. D., and L. S. Adler. 2013.
Indirect effects on mutualisms: parasitism of bumble bees and pollination service to plants.
Ecology 94:454464.
Ecological Archives E094-037

Allan, Eric, Tania Jenkins, Alexander J. F. Fergus, Christiane Roscher, Markus Fischer, Jana Petermann, Wolfgang W. Weisser, and Bernhard Schmid. 2013.
Experimental plant communities develop phylogenetically overdispersed abundance distributions during assembly.
Ecology 94:465477.
Ecological Archives E094-038

Fader, Joseph E., and Steven A. Juliano. 2013.
An empirical test of the aggregation model of coexistence and consequences for competing container-dwelling mosquitoes.
Ecology 94:478488.
Ecological Archives E094-039

Donadi, Serena, Tjisse van der Heide, Els M. van der Zee, Johan S. Eklf, Johan van de Koppel, Ellen J. Weerman, Theunis Piersma, Han Olff, and Britas Klemens Eriksson . 2013.
Cross-habitat interactions among bivalve species control community structure on intertidal flats.
Ecology 94:489498.
Ecological Archives E094-040

Cavanaugh, Kyle C., Bruce E. Kendall, David A. Siegel, Daniel C. Reed, Filipe Alberto, and Jorge Assis . 2013.
Synchrony in dynamics of giant kelp forests is driven by both local recruitment and regional environmental controls.
Ecology 94:499509.
Ecological Archives E094-041

Whalen, Matthew A., J. Emmett Duffy, and James B. Grace. 2013.
Temporal shifts in top-down vs. bottom-up control of epiphytic algae in a seagrass ecosystem.
Ecology 94:510520.
Ecological Archives E094-042

Allgeier, Jacob E., Lauren A. Yeager, and Craig A. Layman . 2013.
Consumers regulate nutrient limitation regimes and primary production in seagrass ecosystems.
Ecology 94:521529.
Ecological Archives E094-043

Layman, Craig A., Jacob E. Allgeier, Lauren A. Yeager, and Elizabeth W. Stoner . 2013.
Thresholds of ecosystem response to nutrient enrichment from fish aggregations.
Ecology 94:530536.
Ecological Archives E094-044

Sollmann, Rahel, Beth Gardner, Arielle W. Parsons, Jessica J. Stocking, Brett T. McClintock, Theodore R. Simons, Kenneth H. Pollock, Allan F. OConnell. 2013.
A spatial markresight model augmented with telemetry data.
Ecology 94:553559.
Ecological Archives E094-046

Shipley, Bill. 2013.
The AIC model selection method applied to path analytic models compared using a d-separation test.
Ecology 94:560564.
Ecological Archives E094-047

Lefcheck, Jonathan S., Matthew A. Whalen, Theresa M. Davenport, Joshua P. Stone, and J. Emmett Duffy. 2013.
Physiological effects of diet mixing on consumer fitness: a meta-analysis.
Ecology 94:565572.
Ecological Archives E094-048

Orrock, John L., Evan L. Preisser, Jonathan H. Grabowski, and Geoffrey C. Trussell. 2013.
The cost of safety: Refuges increase the impact of predation risk in aquatic systems.
Ecology 94:573579.
Ecological Archives E094-049

Tafani, Marion, Aurelie Cohas, Christophe Bonenfant, Jean-Michel Gaillard, and Dominique Allain. 2013.
Decreasing litter size of marmots over time: a life history response to climate change?
Ecology 94:580586.
Ecological Archives E094-050

Bateman, A. W., A. Ozgul, J. F. Nielsen, T. Coulson, T. H. and Clutton-Brock. 2013.
Social structure mediates environmental effects on group size in an obligate cooperative breeder, Suricata suricatta.
Ecology 94:587597.
Ecological Archives E094-051

Tingley, Morgan W., and Steven R. Beissinger. 2013.
Cryptic loss of montane avian richness and high community turnover over 100 years.
Ecology 94:598609.
Ecological Archives E094-052

Kendall, William L., James E. Hines, James D. Nichols, and Evan H. Campbell Grant. 2013.
Relaxing the closure assumption in occupancy models: staggered arrival and departure times.
Ecology 94:610617.
Ecological Archives E094-053

Burton, Tim, S. McKelvey, D. C. Stewart, J. D. Armstrong, and N. B. Metcalfe. 2013.
Early maternal experience shapes offspring performance in the wild.
Ecology 94:618626.
Ecological Archives E094-054

Henriques-Silva, Renato, Zo Lindo, and Pedro R. Peres-Neto. 2013.
A community of metacommunities: exploring patterns in species distributions across large geographical areas.
Ecology 94:627639.
Ecological Archives E094-055

Fraser, Douglas F., and Bradley A. Lamphere. 2013.
Experimental evaluation of predation as a facilitator of invasion success in a stream fish.
Ecology 94:640649.
Ecological Archives E094-056

Figueiredo, Joana, Andrew H. Baird, and Sean R. Connolly. 2013.
Synthesizing larval competence dynamics and reef-scale retention reveals a high potential for self-recruitment in corals.
Ecology 94:650659.
Ecological Archives E094-057

Soininen, Janne, Jenni J. Korhonen, and Miska Luoto. 2013.
Stochastic species distributions are driven by organism size.
Ecology 94:660670.
Ecological Archives E094-058

Le Roux, Peter C., Jonathan Lenoir, Lic Pellissier, Mary S. Wisz, and Miska Luoto. 2013.
Horizontal, but not vertical, biotic interactions affect fine-scale plant distribution patterns in a low energy system.
Ecology 94:671682.
Ecological Archives E094-059

Young, Hillary S., Douglas J. McCauley, Robert B. Dunbar, Michael S. Hutson, Ana Miller Ter-Kuile, and Rodolfo Dirzo. 2013.
The roles of productivity and ecosystem size in determining food chain length in tropical terrestrial ecosystems.
Ecology 94:692701.
Ecological Archives E094-060

Pashalidou, Foteini G., Dani Lucas-Barbosa, Joop J. A. van Loon, Marcel Dicke, and Nina E. Fatouros. 2013.
Phenotypic plasticity of plant response to herbivore eggs: effects on resistance to caterpillars and plant development.
Ecology 94:702713.
Ecological Archives E094-061

Allison, Steven D., Ying Lu, Claudia Weihe, Michael L. Goulden, Adam C. Martiny, Kathleen K. Treseder, and Jennifer B. H. Martiny. 2013.
Microbial abundance and composition influence litter decomposition response to environmental change.
Ecology 94:714725.
Ecological Archives E094-062

Lu, Meng, Xuhui Zhou, Qiang Yang, Hui Li, Yiqi,o, Changming Fang, Jiakuan Chen, Xin Yang, and Bo Li. 2013.
Responses of ecosystem carbon cycle to experimental warming: a meta-analysis.
Ecology 94:726738.
Ecological Archives E094-063

Yelenik, Stephanie, Steven Perakis, and David Hibbs. 2013.
Regional constraints to biological nitrogen fixation in post-fire forest communities.
Ecology 94:739750.
Ecological Archives E094-064

Hiltunen, T., L. E. Jones, S. P. Ellner, and N. G. Hairston, Jr. 2013.
Temporal dynamics of a simple community with intraguild predation: an experimental test.
Ecology 94:773779.
Ecological Archives E094-065

McCarthy-Neumann, Sarah, and Ins Ibez. 2013.
Plantsoil feedback links negative distance dependence and light gradient partitioning during seedling establishment.
Ecology 94:780786.
Ecological Archives E094-066

Mueller, Kevin E., David Tilman, Dario A. Fornara, and Sarah E. Hobbie. 2013.
Root depth distribution and the diversityproductivity relationship in a long-term grassland experiment.
Ecology 94:787793.
Ecological Archives E094-067

Perretti, Charles T., George Sugihara, and Stephan B. Munch. 2013.
Nonparametric forecasting outperforms parametric methods for a simulated multispecies system.
Ecology 94:794800.
Ecological Archives E094-068

Johnson, Devin S., Paul B. Conn, Mevin B. Hooten, Justina C. Ray, and Bruce A. Pond. 2013.
Spatial occupancy models for large data sets.
Ecology 94:801808.
Ecological Archives E094-069

Ivan, Jacob S., Gary C. White, and Tanya M. Shenk. 2013.
Using auxiliary telemetry information to estimate animal density from capturerecapture data.
Ecology 94:809816.
Ecological Archives E094-070

Ivan, Jacob S., Gary C. White, and Tanya M. Shenk. 2013.
Using simulation to compare methods for estimating density from capturerecapture data.
Ecology 94:817826.
Ecological Archives E094-071

McClintock, Brett T., Deborah J. F. Russell, Jason Matthiopoulos, and Ruth King. 2013.
Combining individual animal movement and ancillary biotelemetry data to investigate population-level activity budgets.
Ecology 94:838849.
Ecological Archives E094-072

Touchon, Justin C., Michael W. McCoy, James R. Vonesh, and Karen M. Warkentin. 2013.
Effects of plastic hatching timing carry over through metamorphosis in red-eyed treefrogs.
Ecology 94:850860.
Ecological Archives E094-073

Hach, Samuel, Marc-Andr Villard, and Erin M. Bayne. 2013.
Experimental evidence for an ideal free distribution in a breeding population of a territorial songbird.
Ecology 94:861869.
Ecological Archives E094-074

Johnson, Leah R., Laure Pecquerie, and Roger M. Nisbet. 2013.
Bayesian inference for bioenergetic models.
Ecology 94:882894.
Ecological Archives E094-075

Waldbusser, George G., Eric N. Powell, and Roger Mann. 2013.
Ecosystem effects of shell aggregations and cycling in coastal waters: an example of Chesapeake Bay oyster reefs.
Ecology 94:895903.
Ecological Archives E094-076

Wardle, David A., Michael J. Gundale, Anders Jderlund, and Marie-Charlotte Nilsson. 2013.
Decoupled long-term effects of nutrient enrichment on aboveground and belowground properties in subalpine tundra.
Ecology 94:904919.
Ecological Archives E094-077

Thomas, R. Q., J. R. Kellner, D. B. Clark, and D. R. Peart. 2013.
Low mortality in tall tropical trees.
Ecology 94:920929.
Ecological Archives E094-078

Tully, Katherine L., Tana E. Wood, Amanda M. Schwantes, and Deborah Lawrence. 2013.
Soil nutrient availability and reproductive effort drive patterns in nutrient resorption in Pentaclethra macroloba.
Ecology 94:930940.
Ecological Archives E094-079

Sapijanskas, Jurgis, Catherine Potvin, and Michel Loreau. 2013.
Beyond shading: litter production by neighbors contributes to overyielding in tropical trees.
Ecology 94:941952.
Ecological Archives E094-080

Avolio, Meghan L., and Melinda D. Smith. 2013.
Mechanisms of selection: phenotypic differences among genotypes explain patterns of selection in a dominant species.
Ecology 94:953965.
Ecological Archives E094-081

McArt, Scott H., Rayko Halitschke, Juha-Pekka Salminen, and Jennifer S. Thaler. 2013.
Leaf herbivory increases plant fitness via induced resistance to seed predqators.
Ecology 94:966975.
Ecological Archives E094-082

Parker, John D., Mark E. Torchin, Ruth A. Hufbauer, Nathan P. Lemoine, Christina Alba, Dana M. Blumenthal, Oliver Bossdorf, James E. Byers, Alison M. Dunn, Robert W. Heckman, Martin Hejda, Vojtech Jarosik, Andrew R. Kanarek, Lynn B. Martin, Sarah E. Perkins, Petr Pysek, Kristina Schierenbeck, Carmen Schloder, Rieks van Klinken, Kurt J. Vaughn, Wyatt Williams, and Lorne M. Wolfe. 2013.
Do invasive species perfrom better in their new ranges?
Ecology 94:985994.
Ecological Archives E094-087

Burns, Jean H., Eleanor A. Pardini, Michele R. Schutzenhofer, Y. Anny Chung, Katie J. Seidler, and Tiffany M. Knight. 2013.
Greater sexual reproduction contributes to differences in demography of invasive plants and their noninvasive relatives.
Ecology 94:9951004.
Ecological Archives E094-088

Hahn, Min A., and Heinz Muller-Scharer. 2013.
Cytotype differences modulate eco-geographical differentiation in the widespread plant Centaurea stoebe.
Ecology 94:10051014.
Ecological Archives E094-089

Prior, Kirsten M., and Jessica J. Hellmann. 2013.
Does enemy loss cause release? A biogeographical comparison of parasitoid effects on an introduced insect.
Ecology 94:10151024.
Ecological Archives E094-090

Crawford, Kerri M., and Jennifer A. Rudgers. 2013.
Genetic diversity within a dominant plant outweighs plant species diversity in structuring an arthropod community.
Ecology 94:10251035.
Ecological Archives E094-091

Debinski, Diane M., Jennet C. Caruthers, Dianne Cook, Jason Crowley, and Hadley Wickham. 2013.
Gradient-based habitat affinities predict species vulnerability to drought.
Ecology 94:10361045.
Ecological Archives E094-092

Rudolf, Volker H. W., and Nick L. Rasmussen. 2013.
Ontogenetic functional diversity: Size structure of a keystone predator drives functioning of a complex ecosystem.
Ecology 94:10461056.
Ecological Archives E094-093

Stier, Adrain C., Shane W. Geange, Kate M. Hanson, and Benjamin M. Bolker. 2013.
Predator density and timing of arrival affect reef fish community assembly.
Ecology 94:10571068.
Ecological Archives E094-094

Ford, John R., and Stephen E. Swearer. 2013.
Two's company, three's a crowd: Food and shelter limitation outweigh the benefits of group living in a shoaling fish.
Ecology 94:10691077.
Ecological Archives E094-095

Howells, Emily J., Ray Berkelmans, Madeleine J. H. van Oppen, Bette L. Willis, and Line K. Bay. 2013.
Historical thermal regimes define limits to coral acclimatization.
Ecology 94:10781088.
Ecological Archives E094-096

Williams, Susan L., Matthew E. S. Bracken, and Emily Jones. 2013.
Additive effects of physical stress and herbivores on intertidal seaweed biodiversity.
Ecology 94:10891101.
Ecological Archives E094-097

Tamburello, Laura, Fabio Bulleri, Iacopo Bertocci, Elena Maggi, and Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi. 2013.
Reddened seascapes: experimentally induced shifts in 1/f spectra of spatial variability in rocky intertidal assemblages.
Ecology 94:11021111.
Ecological Archives E094-098

Sandom, Christopher, Lars Dalby, Camilla Fljgaard, W. Daniel Kissling, Jonathan Lenoir, Brody Sandel, Kristian Trjelsgaard, Rasmus Ejrnaes, and Jens-Christian Svenning. 2013.
Mammal predator and prey species richness are strongly linked at macroscales.
Ecology 94:11121122.
Ecological Archives E094-099

Sinclair, A. R. E., Kristine L. Metzger, John M. Fryxell, Craig Packer, Andrea E. Byrom, Meggan E. Craft, Katie Hampson, Tiziana Lembo, Sarah M. Durant, Guy J. Forrester, John Bukombe, John Mchetto, Jan Dempewolf, Ray Hilborn, Sarah Cleaveland, Ally Nkwabi, Anna Mosser, and Simon A. R. Mduma. 2013.
Asynchronous food-web pathways could buffer the response of Serengeti predators to El Nio Southern Oscillation.
Ecology 94:11231130.
Ecological Archives E094-100

Mumby, Hannah S., Alexandre Courtiol, Khyne U. Mar, and Virpi Lummaa. 2013.
Climatic variation and age-specific survival in Asian elephants from Myanmar.
Ecology 94:11311141.
Ecological Archives E094-101

Smit, B., C. T. Harding, P. A. R. Hockey, and A. E. McKechnie. 2013.
Adaptive thermoregulation during summer in two populations of an arid-zone passerine.
Ecology 94:11421154.
Ecological Archives E094-102

February, Edmund C., Steven I. Higgins, William J. Bond, and Louise Swemmer. 2013.
Influence of competition and rainfall manipulation on the growth responses of savanna trees and grasses.
Ecology 94:11551164.
Ecological Archives E094-103

Runkle, James R. 2013.
Thirty-two years of change in an old-growth Ohio beechmaple forest.
Ecology 94:11651175.
Ecological Archives E094-104

Fang, Qiang, and Shuang-Quan Huang. 2013.
A directed network analysis of heterospecific pollen transfer in a biodiverse community.
Ecology 94:11761185.
Ecological Archives E094-105

Campbell, Jocelyn, Per Bengston, Arthur L. Fredeen, Darwyn S. Coxson, and Cindy E. Prescott. 2013.
Does exogenous carbon extend the realized niche of canopy lichens? Evidence from sub-boreal forests in British Columbia.
Ecology 94:11861195.
Ecological Archives E094-106

Sugeno, Masatoshi, and Stephan B. Munch. 2013.
A semiparametric Bayesian method for detecting Allee effects.
Ecology 94:11961204.
Ecological Archives E094-107

Lohbeck, Madelon, Lourens Poorter, Edwin Lebrija-Trejos, Miguel Martnez-Ramos, Jorge A. Meave, Horacio Paz, Eduardo A. Prez-Garca, I. Eunice Romero-Prez, Alejandra Tauro, and Frans Bongers. 2013.
Successional changes in functional composition contrast for dry and wet tropical forest.
Ecology 94:12111216.
Ecological Archives E094-109

Liebhold, Andrew M., Ruth Plymale, Joseph S. Elkinton, and Ann E. Hajek. 2013.
Emergent fungal entomopathogen does not alter density dependence in a viral competitor.
Ecology 94:12171222.
Ecological Archives E094-110

Catry, Paulo, Maria P. Dias, Richard A. Phillips, and Jose P. Granadeiro. 2013.
Carry-over effects from breeding modulate the annual cycle of a long-distance migrant: an experimental demonstration.
Ecology 94:12301235.
Ecological Archives E094-111

Sletvold, Nina, John Magne Grindeland, and Jon gren. 2013.
Vegetation context influences the strength and target of pollinator-mediated selection in a deceptive orchid.
Ecology 94:12361242.
Ecological Archives E094-112

Middleton, Arthur D., Matthew J. Kauffman, Douglas E. McWhirter, John G. Cook, Rachel C. Cook, Abigail A. Nelson, Michael D. Jimenez, and Robert W. Klaver. 2013.
Animal migration amid shifting patterns of phenology and predation: lessons from a Yellowstone elk herd.
Ecology 94:12451256.
Ecological Archives E094-113

Waser, P. M., K. M. Nichols, and J. D. Hadfield. 2013.
Fitness consequences of dispersal: Is leaving home the best of a bad lot?
Ecology 94:12871295.
Ecological Archives E094-114

Plein, Michaela, Laura Lngsfeld, Eike Lena Neuschulz, Christina Schultheiβ, Lili Ingmann, Till Tpfer, Katrin Bhning-Gaese, and Matthias Schleuning. 2013.
Constant properties of plantfrugivore networks despite fluctuations in fruit and bird communities in space and time.
Ecology 94:12961306.
Ecological Archives E094-115

Talluto, Matt V., and Craig W. Benkman. 2013.
Landscape-scale eco-evolutionary dynamics: Selection by seed predators and fire determine a major reproductive strategy.
Ecology 94:13071316.
Ecological Archives E094-116

Murray, Bryan D., Christopher R. Webster, and Joseph K. Bump. 2013.
Broadening the ecological context of ungulateecosystem interactions: the importance of space, seasonality, and nitrogen.
Ecology 94:13171326.
Ecological Archives E094-117

Rose, Alexandra P., and Bruce E. Lyon. 2013.
Day length, reproductive effort, and the avian latitudinal clutch size gradient.
Ecology 94:13271337.
Ecological Archives E094-118

Rasher, Douglas B., Andrew S. Hoey, and Mark E. Hay. 2013.
Consumer diversity interacts with prey defenses to drive ecosystem function.
Ecology 94:13471358.
Ecological Archives E094-119

Atkinson, Carla L., Caryn C. Vaughn, Kenneth J. Forshay, and Joshua T. Cooper. 2013.
Aggregated filter-feeding consumers alter nutrient limitation: consequences for ecosystem and community dynamics.
Ecology 94:13591369.
Ecological Archives E094-120

Freestone, Amy L., Gregory M. Ruiz, and Mark E. Torchin. 2013.
Stronger biotic resistance in tropics relative to temperate zone: effects of predation on marine invasion dynamics.
Ecology 94:13701377.
Ecological Archives E094-121

Villellas, Jess, William F. Morris, and Mara B. Garca. 2013.
Variation in stochastic demography between and within central and peripheral regions in a widespread short-lived herb.
Ecology 94:13781388.
Ecological Archives E094-122

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