What is Ecological Archives?

For the years 1981 through 2015, Ecological Archives published materials supplemental to articles that appeared in the ESA journals (Ecology, Ecological Applications, Ecological Monographs, Ecosphere, Ecosystem Health and Sustainability and Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America), as well as peer-reviewed Data Papers with abstracts published in the printed journals. Ecological Archives is published in digital, Internet-accessible form.

Ecological Archives are also hosted on FigShare.

As of 2016, supplemental material and Data Papers are hosted at https://esajournals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/ along with the journals.

Table 1. Ecological Archives categories published by journal.

  Appendices Supplements Data Papers
Ecosphere Yes Yes No
Ecology Yes Yes Yes
Ecological Monographs Yes Yes No
Ecological Applications Yes Yes No
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability Yes Yes No
Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America No Yes No

† Appendices in Ecosphere were published with the the main article rather than in Ecological Archives before 2011.

Contacts for Ecological Archives

  • Data Editor: William K. Michener <william.michener@gmail.com>
  • Associate Data Editor: Jane L. Bain <esajournals@esa.org>
  • Ecology Editor-in-Chief: Donald R. Strong
  • Ecological Monographs Editor-in-Chief: Aaron M. Ellison (through 2015); Aimee Classen (2016 to present)
  • Ecological Applications Editor-in-Chief: David S. Schimel
  • Bulletin Editor-in-Chief: Edward A. Johnson
  • Ecosphere Editor-in-Chief: Debra Peters
  • Ecosphere Associate Managing Editor: Ellen Cotter <ecosphere@esa.org>