John Connolly, Marc W. Cadotte, Caroline Brophy, Áine Dooley, John Finn, Laura Kirwan, Christiane Roscher, and Alexandra Weigelt. 2011. Phylogenetically diverse grasslands are associated with pairwise interspecific processes that increase biomass. Ecology 92:1385–1392.


Appendix A: Yield per plot vs. number of species for the Biodepth Ireland experiment.
Ecological Archives E092-116-A1.

Appendix B: Detail of the construction of the matrices of phylogenetic distances used for the species in the two experiments.
Ecological Archives E092-116-A2.

Appendix C: Calculation of the standard deviation of the variable CD across all communities at a given level of richness.
Ecological Archives E092-116-A3.


Supplement 1: Detailed description of how the methods are applied to data, including SAS and R code and data from two experiments.
Ecological Archives E092-116-S1.