Ecological Archives E092-116-A3

John Connolly, Marc W. Cadotte, Caroline Brophy, Áine Dooley, John Finn, Laura Kirwan, Christiane Roscher, and Alexandra Weigelt. 2011. Phylogenetically diverse grasslands are associated with pairwise interspecific processes that increase biomass. Ecology 92:1385–1392.

Appendix C. Calculation of the standard deviation of the variable CD across all communities at a given level of richness.

At a given level of richness (t) the value of CD will vary depending on the identity and relative abundances of the species in the community and its effect for a community can be estimated from the sown relative abundance of species in the community using equation [4]. The following allows us to estimate the broad effect of community phylogenetic diversity on differences between communities at the same level of richness. For a design in which all component species in a community have the same relative abundance, the average and standard deviation of CD across all possible communities of richness t are 0 and equation respectively, where SD(Dij) is the standard deviation of all Dij distances and (s-t)/(s-1) is a finite sampling correction.

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