Timothy A. Nelson, Karalon Haberlin, Amorah V. Nelson, Heather Ribarich, Ruth Hotchkiss, Kathryn L. Van Alstyne, Lee Buckingham, Dejah J. Simunds, and Kerri Fredrickson. 2008. Ecological and physiological controls of species composition in green macroalgal blooms. Ecology 89:1287–1298.


Appendix A: Detailed site descriptions and expanded methods.
Ecological Archives E089-078-A1.

Appendix B: Statistical tables.
Ecological Archives E089-078-A2.

Appendix C: Net photosynthesis vs. irradiance for Ulva and Ulvaria grown at various depths.
Ecological Archives E089-078-A3.

Appendix D: Tissue nutrient content in algae collected from low- and high-nitrogen sites.
Ecological Archives E089-078-A4.


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