W. H. van der Putten, G. A. Kowalchuk, E. P. Brinkman, G. T. A. Doodeman, R. M. van der Kaaij, A. F. D. Kamp, F. B. J. Menting, and E. M. Veenendaal. 2007. Soil feedback of exotic savanna grass relates to pathogen absence and mycorrhizal selectivity. Ecology 88:978–988.


Appendix A: Methods used for DNA isolation, PCR amplifications, and DGGE analysis of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.
Ecological Archives E088-061-A1.

Appendix B: A table showing positions of 14 bands (representing arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi taxa) obtained by PCR-DGGE.
Ecological Archives E088-061-A2.


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