Joseph S. Elkinton, Dylan Parry, and George H. Boettner. 2006. Implicating an introduced generalist parasitoid in the invasive browntail moth's enigmatic demise. Ecology 87:2664–2672.


Appendix A: A description of the calculation of mortality and a table showing percentage parasitism based on the observed percentage that died and on the estimated marginal attack rate by tachinid parasitoids of browntail moth in coastal and inland New England habitats, 1923.
Ecological Archives E087-161-A1.

Appendix B: A figure showing larval mortality from C. concinnata, C. laxifrons, and unknown causes plotted vs. the number of winter webs deployed per bush in 2000.
Ecological Archives E087-161-A2.

Appendix C: A summary of line transect vegetation survey of three habitat types with and without browntail moth.
Ecological Archives E087-161-A3.


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