Vernon S. Peters, S. Ellen Macdonald, and Mark R. T. Dale. 2005. The interaction between masting and fire is key to white spruce regeneration. Ecology 86:1744–1750.


Appendix A: A diagram of the study area in northeastern Alberta showing the dates and locations of study fires.
Ecological Archives E086-093-A1.

Appendix B: A description of white spruce cone crops that were rated in Alberta-based forestry publications, as well as supplemental information on interpreting squirrel harvest records.
Ecological Archives E086-093-A2.

Appendix C: Charactersitics and locations of study fires, based on provincial fire inventories.
Ecological Archives E086-093-A3.

Appendix D: Variables tested in generalized linear models predicting white spruce regeneration, as well as tables showing the results of analyses.
Ecological Archives E086-093-A4.

Appendix E: Figures showing the age structures for trees in 1961, 1942, and 1941 fires, and one of the master chronologies used for crossdating.
Ecological Archives E086-093-A5.

Appendix F: A table presenting age underestimation in white spruce between ground-level ring counts and crossdating at the root collar.
Ecological Archives E086-093-A6.

Appendix G: A figure showing the variability in timing of white spruce regeneration between stands within fires.
Ecological Archives E086-093-A7.


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