Timothy J. Langlois, Marti J. Anderson, and Russell C. Babcock. 2005. Reef-associated predators influence adjacent soft-sediment communities. Ecology 86:1508–1519.


Appendix A: A table listing environmental variables used in multivariate models.
Ecological Archives E086-081-A1.

Appendix B: A table listing predatory and bioturbating infauna found in the study that were used as environmental variables in multivariare models.
Ecological Archives E086-081-A2.

Appendix C: A figure showing percentage of coarse sediments, abundance of infaunal predators, and abundance of infaunal bioturbators at each distance stratum, reserve status, and location (sites and replicates pooled).
Ecological Archives E086-081-A3.

Appendix D: Results of four-factor ANOVA examining (1) percentage of coarse sediment by mass, abundance of infaunal predators and bioturbators; (2) biomass of Dosinia subrosea, Myadora striata; (3) biomass of Amalda novaezelandiae, Pagurus novizelandiae, and Echinocardium cordatum at each distance stratum, reserve status, and location (sites and replicates pooled).
Ecological Archives E086-081-A4.

Appendix E: Figures showing (a) distance-based RDA ordination of first and second fitted axes relating the environmental variables to the faunal data and (b) distance-based RDA as in (a), but showing the first and third axes.
Ecological Archives E086-081-A5.

Appendix F: A table listing 61 taxa from seven phyla obtained from 576 box quadrats in our study.
Ecological Archives E086-081-A6.

Appendix G: Results of four-factor nonparametric multivariate analysis of variance (PERMANOVA) of soft-sediment fauna.
Ecological Archives E086-081-A7.

Appendix H: Results of pairwise a posteriori comparisons of soft-sediment communities among the four distance strata.
Ecological Archives E086-081-A8.

Appendix I: (a) Metric MDS ordination and (b) canonical (CAP) analysis of the correlation of soft-sediment fauna with distance from the reef edge.
Ecological Archives E086-081-A9.


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