Pierre Legendre, Mark R. T. Dale, Marie -Josée Fortin, Philippe Casgrain, and Jessica Gurevitch. 2004. Effects of spatial structures on the results of field experiments. Ecology 85:3202–3214.


Appendix A: Figures showing the six types of experimental designs used in this study, for n = 144 (Fig. A1) and n = 36 experimental units (Fig. A2).
Ecological Archives E085-108-A1.

Appendix B: Figures showing type I error in simulations involving n = 144 (Fig. B1) and n = 36 experimental units (Fig. B2).
Ecological Archives E085-108-A2.

Appendix C: Tables showing power estimates for n = 81 (Table C1) and n = 36 experimental units (Table C2).
Ecological Archives E085-108-A3.


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