Masaya Matsumura, Genevieve M. Trafelet-Smith, Claudio Gratton, Deborah L. Finke, William F. Fagan, and Robert F. Denno. 2004. Does intraguild predation enhance predator performance? A stoichiometric perspective. Ecology 85:2601–2615.


Appendix A: A table presenting carbon and nitrogen content and C:N ratio of salt marsh taxa (plants, herbivores, omnivores, and predators).
Ecological Archives E085-078-A1.

Appendix B: A table presenting ANOVA results for the effect of diet (herbivore prey, intraguild prey, or a mix of the two), time, and their interaction on Pardosa mass, mass gain, capture rate of prey, biomass of prey consumed, and nitrogen intake.
Ecological Archives E085-078-A2.


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