S. Luyssaert, D. Hessenmöller, N. von Lüpke, S. Kaiser, and E. D. Schulze. 2011. Quantifying land use and disturbance intensity in forestry, based on the self-thinning relationship. Ecological Applications 21:3271–3283.


Appendix A: Overview of the variables, their units, and sources required for calculation LUDI.
Ecological Archives A021-146-A1.

Appendix B: Procedure for the calculation of the distance along the self-thinning line.
Ecological Archives A021-146-A2.

Appendix C: Description of the management schemes distinguished in this study.
Ecological Archives A021-146-A3.

Appendix D: Distribution of site observations for age-class forest.
Ecological Archives A021-146-A4.

Appendix E : Mean stand characteristics of the sampled pristine forests in Slovakia.
Ecological Archives A021-146-A5.

Appendix F : Multiple-regression analysis of the observed diameters in relation to stand density, type of management, study region, canopy tree species, and soils.
Ecological Archives A021-146-A6.

Appendix G : Probabilities that management schemes differ with respect to dbh, basal area, stand density, and stand wood volume.
Ecological Archives A021-146-A7.

Appendix H : Probabilities that management schemes differ with respect to LUDIp, LUDIo, and total LUDI.
Ecological Archives A021-146-A8.