Jeffrey E. Moore and Andrew J. Read. 2008. A Bayesian uncertainty analysis of cetacean demography and bycatch mortality using age-at-death data. Ecological Applications 18:1914–1931.


Appendix A: "Calculated" priors and posterior distributions for natural demographic rates.
Ecological Archives A018-069-A1.

Appendix B: Spearman rank correlations between parameter estimates.
Ecological Archives A018-069-A2.

Appendix C: Model-averaged estimates of age-specific mortality, survivorship, net reproductive rate, life expectancy, population age distribution (live animals), and death distribution.
Ecological Archives A018-069-A3.


Supplement 1: WinBUGS code and sample data for estimating survivorship, population growth, and impacts of bycatch on these parameters, based on age-at-death data.
Ecological Archives A018-069-S1.


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