Karen Beazley, Lara Smandych, Tamaini Snaith, Frances MacKinnon, Peter Austen-Smith, Jr., and Peter Duinker. 2005. Biodiversity considerations in conservation system planning: map-based approach for Nova Scotia, Canada. Ecological Applications 15:2192–2208.


Appendix A: Maps of Nova Scotia showing distribution of (Fig. A1) moose populations and protected areas; (Fig. A2) moose habitat suitability values; (Fig. A3) road density and moose pellet presence/absence; (Fig. A4) contiguous areas of natural cover 10,000 ha; (Fig. A5) roadless areas; (Fig. A6) uneven-aged forest stands; (Fig. A7) combined cover for contiguous natural cover 10,000 ha, roadless areas, and uneven-aged forest stands; (Fig. A8) areas of primary priority combining natural areas, 10,000 ha, uneven-aged forest stands, and roadless areas; (Fig. A9) species at risk globally or provincially; (Fig. A10) highest rarity-weighted richness values; (Fig. A11) significant ecosites; (Fig. A12) signigficant old and unique forest stands; (Fig. A13) areas of primary priority for special elements; highest habitat suitability and population densities for (Fig. A14) American moose, (Fig. A15) American marten, and (Fig. A16) Northern Goshawk; (Fig. A17) 47 core areas selected by priority sites for representation, special elements, and focal species; (Fig. A18) cost-surface for American marten; and (Fig. A19) least-cost paths for American marten.
Ecological Archives A015-068-A1.

Appendix B: A coarse-filter representivity-assessment framework.
Ecological Archives A015-068-A2.

Appendix C: A table showing classes for assessing site potential for representation.
Ecological Archives A015-068-A3.

Appendix D: A table showing coverages for assessing site potential for special elements.
Ecological Archives A015-068-A4.

Appendix E: A table showing habitat suitability index (HSI) equations.
Ecological Archives A015-068-A5.

Appendix F: A table showing habitat component composition and associated forest cover attributes for moose HSI.
Ecological Archives A015-068-A6.

Appendix G: A figure showing the derivation of suitability index (SI) for each habitat component.
Ecological Archives A015-068-A7.

Appendix H: A table showing chi-square values from regression analysis to determine the ability of habitat values and road density to predict moose pellet presence on transects.
Ecological Archives A015-068-A8.

Appendix I: A flow chart indicating overlay process and data layers for cost–distance analysis.
Ecological Archives A015-068-A9.


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