Anthony L. Koop and Carol C. Horvitz. 2005. Projection matrix analysis of the demography of an invasive, nonnative shrub (Ardisia elliptica). Ecology 86:2661–2672.


Appendix A: A discussion of estimation of population recruitment rates.
Ecological Archives E086-142-A1.

Appendix B: A figure showing fertility of small and large adults for each population and year.
Ecological Archives E086-142-A2.

Appendix C: A figure showing seedling recruitment for each population and year used in projection matrices.
Ecological Archives E086-142-A3.

Appendix D: A table of log-linear models of the effect of stage class, population, and year on fate of A. elliptica plants.
Ecological Archives E086-142-A4.

Appendix E: Projection matrices for five populations of A. elliptica across three years.
Ecological Archives E086-142-A5.

Appendix F: A figure showing spatial variation in elasticity structure among five populations of A. elliptica.
Ecological Archives E086-142-A6.

Appendix G: A figure showing temporal variation in elasticity structure among three years.
Ecological Archives E086-142-A7.

Appendix H: A figure showing contributions of populations, years, and population × years to variation in based on a two-way life table response experiment.
Ecological Archives E086-142-A8.

Appendix I: A figure showing the mean of the absolute value of the contributions of matrix elements to spatial variation in lambda, temporal variation in lambda, and the interaction effect.
Ecological Archives E086-142-A9.

Appendix J: A figure showing contributions of populations and matrix elements to variability in population growth rates from December 1998 to December 1999.
Ecological Archives E086-142-A10.


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