Stephen C. Newbold and Juha V. Siikamäki. 2009. Prioritizing conservation activities using reserve site selection methods and population viability analysis. Ecological Applications 19:1774–1790.


Appendix A: Pollution-loading model: derivation/description of pollution-loading model used to quantify impacts of human land use patterns on in-stream salmon habitat productivity.
Ecological Archives A019-072-A1.

Appendix B: Model calibration: description of the model calibration routine, including translation of results from Pess et al. (2002) to loading factors for the pollution-loading model.
Ecological Archives A019-072-A2.

Appendix C: Ricker results: table with parameter estimates and baseline persistence probabilities based on a Ricker stock–recruitment model, analagous to Table 1 based on a Beverton-Holt stock–recruitment model.
Ecological Archives A019-072-A3.

Appendix D: Increased cost variation: figures showing the effect of simulating greater variation in watershed protection costs, analagous to Fig. 5.
Ecological Archives A019-072-A4.


Supplement 1: Matlab code to run the simulation/site-selection model and GAUSS code to estimate the stock–recruitment parameters, plus all input files.
Ecological Archives A019-072-S1.


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