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Processing of Accepted Manuscripts



After your manuscript is accepted for publication, carefully review the information in your decision letter as well as in the instructions for authors of accepted manuscripts. Failure to follow the instructions to the letter will delay processing and ultimately publication of your manuscript. A manuscript accepted for publication by a Subject-matter Editor will not be considered “in press” until a properly formatted final version of the manuscript (including text, figures, and appendices) has been received by the Publications Office.

When you submit the final version of the manuscript via Ecosphere’s EcoTrack, you will be prompted to pay the publication fee. See Financial Arrangments.

Authors are encouraged to register their data at ESA’s official Data Registry at Data registry simply serves to announce the existence of data and to provide contact information. By registering data, one does not relinquish rights to research findings. In fact, the registry may serve to establish precedence for ecological studies. Our hope is that the Data Registry will eventually be linked to Data Archives containing the actual data referred to in the registry, and that all data underlying published papers in ESA journals will be readily available for purposes of verification, replication, and meta-analysis..

You will be notified of the availability of proofs as soon as possible. Proofs must be corrected upon receipt and immediately returned to the Publications Office. Using Adobe Acrobat to annotate the pdf of the proofs will greatly facilitate production of the manuscript. Late proofs may cause a delay in posting.

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