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Processing of Accepted Manuscripts

Ecology, Ecological Applications, Ecological Monographs

After your manuscript is accepted for publication, carefully review the information in your decision letter. Failure to follow the instructions to the letter will delay processing and ultimately publication of your manuscript.

A manuscript accepted for publication by a Subject-matter Editor will not be considered "in press" until a properly formatted final version of the manuscript (including text, figures, and digital appendices and supplements) has been received by the Publications Office. See Preparation of Manuscripts. A manuscript is queued for production at the same time.

Authors must sign the copyright transfer agreement before their paper can be published. If your paper is accepted, the author identified as the formal corresponding author for the paper will receive an email prompting them to log in into Author Services where, via the Wiley Author Licensing Service (WALS), they will be able to complete the license agreement on behalf of all authors of the paper. See Financial Arrangements.

A copy editor will contact you if any questions arise during the preparation of your manuscript for typesetting.

Authors are able to track their manuscript through the production process by registering for Author Services for additional information. Approximately two weeks after the manuscript is received by the publisher, the corresponding author will be notified via email that the page proofs have been posted to an online proofing system. Authors are responsible for proofreading. Limit changes to correcting printer’s errors when possible. Return the corrected proof to Wiley within 48 hours.

The Publications Office personnel reserve the right to modify manuscripts that do not conform to scientific, technical, stylistic or grammatical standards; minor alterations of this nature will normally be seen by authors only at the proof stage.

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