Marin Bay, Possession Island, Crozet Archipelago - photo courtesy of F. Stephen Dobson




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Editorial Board



Donald R. Strong

Section of Evolution & Ecology
University of California
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: 530 752-7886
Email: [email protected]


Associate Editors-in-Chief

Nicholas J. Gotelli - University of Vermont

Joseph B. Yavitt - Cornell University


Ecological Archives Editor

William K. Michener - University of New Mexico


Book Review Editor

Cristina Eisenberg - Earthwatch

Subject Matter Editors

Lynn S. Adler University of Massachusetts - Amherst plant-animal ecology
Peter B. Adler Utah State University plant ecology
Steven D. Allison University of California - Irvine soil microbiology
John P. Y. Arnould Deakin University mammals and seabirds
Richard B. Aronson Florida Institute of Technology coral reefs, paleoecology
John J. Battles University of California - Berkeley ecosystem ecology
Elizabeth T. Borer University of Minnesota food webs, plant virus, and some general insect-plant ecology
John F. Bruno University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill marine ecology
Carla E. Cáceres University of Illinois aquatic ecology
Bradley J. Cardinale University of Michigan community ecology and biodiversity
Mark H. Carr University of California - Santa Cruz marine fish ecology
Walter P. Carson University of Pittsburgh forest ecology with emphasis upon tropical systems and herbivory
Jeannine M. Cavender-Bares University of Minnesota phylogenetic ecology
Samantha K. Chapman Villanova University plant-herbivore-soil communities
Lorenzo Ciannelli Oregon State University fish and marine ecology
Aimée T. Classen University of Tennessee plant-animal interactions, carbon, and global change
Evan G. Cooch Cornell University vertebrate ecology
Richard T. Corlett Chinese Academy of Sciences tropical plant ecology
Elizabeth E. Crone Tufts University Plant population ecology
James T. Cronin Louisiana State University insect-plant ecology
Anthony W. D'Amato University of Vermont forest ecology
Todd E. Dawson University of California--Berkeley plant ecology with specialization in physiological and ecosystem topics
Perry de Valpine University of California - Berkeley ecological theory
F. Stephen Dobson Auburn University mammalian ecology; social organization
Emily H. DuVal Florida State University bird ecology
Lee A. Dyer University of Nevada - Reno insect plant relationships, biodiversity, and tropical ecology
R. David Evans Washington State University isotope ecology and ecosystems
Marco Festa-Bianchet University of Sherbrooke mammalian ecology
Stuart Findlay Institute of Ecosystem Studies aquatic ecosystem ecology
Andrew O. Finley Michigan State University quantitative forest ecology
Alexander S. Flecker Cornell University ecology of streams, fish
Matthew L. Forister University of Nevada - Reno insect ecology
Jessica Forrest University of Ottawa pollination ecology
Gordon A. Fox University of South Florida plant ecology, invasions, and fire
Gregory S. Gilbert University of California - Santa Cruz ecology of microbe plant interactions
Jonathan H. Grabowski Northeastern University shallow water marine ecology
Michael H. Graham Moss Landing Marine Laboratories algal and marine ecology
Brenda J. Grewell University of California - Davis aquatic plants and invasive plant ecology
Edwin D. Grosholz University of California - Davis aquatic and marine ecology with concentration on invasive species and crustaceans
Daniel S. Gruner University of Maryland food webs, biodiversity, animal plant interactions, mangrove and saltmarshes, soil animals xy
Christine V. Hawkes University of Texas - Austin plant-microbe interaction
Mark Hebblewhite University of Montana mammalian ecology with emphasis on ungulates
Hugh Henry University of Western Ontario ecosystems and biochemistry
Helmut Hillebrand Carl-von-Ossietzky University Oldenburg geographical ecology, periphyton, and other algal community action.
Mark A. Hixon University of Hawai'i marine ecology
Jason D. Hoeksema University of Mississippi rhizosphere ecology
J. Nathaniel Holland University of Houston mutualisms and communities
Elizabeth E. Holmes NOAA ecological statistics with an emphasis in time series
David A. Holway University of California - San Diego social insects
Benjamin Z. Houlton University of California - Davis biogeochemistry
Feng Sheng Hu University of Illinois Quaternary ecology
Jef Huisman University of Amsterdam microbial, plankton and theoretical ecology, aquatic foodwebs, more general marine biology, and competition.
Brian D. Inouye Florida State University quantitative ecology
Rebecca E. Irwin Dartmouth College ecology and evolution of multiple-species interactions, pollination biology, and species invasions
Julia A. Jones Oregon State University statistical ecology and related areas in mapping GIS, topography, physiography, and hydro-climatology
Bruce E. Kendall University of California - Santa Barbara math, statistics and conservation
A. Marm Kilpatrick University of California - Santa Cruz theoretical, statistical, population, and disease ecology
Walter D. Koenig Cornell University quantitative vertebrate ecology, especially birds
Peter M. Kotanen University of Toronto herbivore interactions
Burt P. Kotler Ben-Gurion University of the Negev mammalogy
Nathan Jared Boardman Kraft University of Maryland trait ecology, diversity, and biogeography
Conrad C. Labandeira Smithsonian Institution deep time paleoecology
Kevin D. Lafferty USGS, University of California - Santa Barbara animal parasite ecology
John G. Lambrinos Oregon State University plant ecology riparian habitats
Daniel C. Laughlin University of Waikato plant ecology with specialty in trait ecology
Michael Lavine University of Massachusetts - Amherst statistics
Sharon P. Lawler University of California - Davis aquatic herps and insects
Jonathan M. Levine University of California - Santa Barbara mechanistic plant ecology.
L. Philip Lounibos Florida Medical Entomology Lab ecology, behavior, and biology of mosquitoes, especially vectors of dengue and malaria; medical entomology and biological control; invasion biology; phytotelmata
Daniel B. Metcalfe Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences forest ecology
Tom E. X. Miller Rice University theoretical and statistical population and community ecology
Randall J. Mitchell University of Akron plant ecology
Steven G. Morgan Bodega Marine Laboratory marine invertebrates
Douglas W. Morris Lakehead University mammal ecology
Sergio A. Navarrete Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile marine ecology with emphasis on intertidal and near tidal communities
Gabrielle A. Nevitt University of California - Davis avian ecology
Madan K. Oli University of Florida mammalian ecology
Ken N. Paige University of Illinois plant soil ecology and molecular ecology
Todd M. Palmer University of Florida plant animal interactions with specialty in mutualisms
Steven C. Pennings University of Georgia Marine Institute plant communities, salt marshes
Ivette Perfecto University of Michigan tropical ecology with emphasis in sustainability and conservation
Evan L. Preisser University of Rhode Island predator-prey interactions and food webs
Kenneth F. Raffa University of Wisconsin - Madison chemistry of plant insect interactions
Peter T. Raimondi University of California - Santa Cruz marine ecology
Sasha C. Reed USGS soil micobial ecology
John D. Reeve Southern Illinois University quantitative ecology
Matthias C. Rillig Freie Universität Berlin microbiology of soils and roots from an ecosystems perspective
David M. Rizzo University of California - Davis fungal ecology
Jay R. Rooker Texas A&M University ocean fish ecology
Amy D. Rosemond University of Georgia stream ecology
Jay A. Rosenheim University of California - Davis insect ecology and food webs
Roger W. Ruess University of Alaska ecosystem ecology, nutrient cycling, and microbial ecology
Nathan J. Sanders University of Tennessee arthropod � plant ecology and ant ecology
Orlando Sarnelle Michigan State University aquatic ecology and foodwebs; algae
John R. Sauer USGS ornithology and quantitative vertebrate ecology, population models
Daniel E. Schindler University of Washington aquatic ecology
Sebastian J. Schreiber University of California - Davis mathematical ecology
Alan L. Shanks University of Oregon marine ecology
William E. Snyder Washington State Unviersity insect ecology with specialization in parasitoids
Douglas C. Speirs University of Strathclyde mathematical and marine ecology
Peter D. Steinberg University of New South Wales marine chemical ecology
Lewi Stone Tel Aviv University quantitative and aquatic ecology
Pamela H. Templer Boston University ecosystem ecology
Carol S. Thornber University of Rhode Island algal ecology
Brian D. Todd University of California - Davis herpetology and conservation
Daniel M. Tompkins Landcare Research ecological parasitology
Joel C. Trexler Florida International University freshwater ecology with emphasis upon fish
Nora Underwood Florida State University insect-plant relationships
Mark C. Urban University of Connecticut herpetology
María Uriarte Columbia University plant forest tropical ecology
Thomas J. Valone St. Louis University ecology of small mammals with focus upon quantitative aspects and animal-vegetation interactions
Ellen van Donk Netherlands Institute of Ecology zooplankton ecology
Geerat J. Vermeij University of California - Davis marine ecology and paleoecology
Helene H. Wagner University of Toronto multivariate statistics
Jacob Weiner Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University Plant population ecology (not genetics), especially demography allocation & allometry plant competition
David G. Williams University of Wyoming isotope ecology
Neal M. Williams University of California - Davis pollination ecology
Tony D. Williams Simon Fraser University animal ecological physiology
Christopher C. Wilmers University of California - Santa Cruz food webs, terrestrial animals
Michael C. Wimberly South Dakota State University spatial ecology, modeling, and remotely sensed data (with specialization in vegetation)
Kirk O. Winemiller Texas A&M University expertise in fish communities and fresh water ecology
Heiko U. Wittmer Victoria University of Wellington mammalogy
Truman P. Young University of California - Davis ecological botany, herbivore-plant relationships, tropical ecology, and organismal botany
Liana Zanette University of Western Ontario avian ecology
Richard K. Zimmer University of California - Los Angeles marine ecology, larval ecology, & chemical ecology

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