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Cottingham, Kathryn L., Holly A. Ewing, Meredith L. Greer, Cayelan C. Carey, and Kathleen C. Weathers . 2015.
Cyanobacteria as biological drivers of lake nitrogen and phosphorus cycling.
Ecosphere 6:1.
Ecological Archives C006-001

Schlaepfer, Daniel R., Kyle A. Taylor, Victoria E. Pennington, Kellen N. Nelson, Trace E. Martyn, Caitlin M. Rottler, William K. Lauenroth, and John B. Bradford. 2015.
Simulated big sagebrush regeneration supports predicted changes at the trailing and leading edges of distribution shifts.
Ecosphere 6:3.
Ecological Archives C006-002

Isojunno, Saana, and Patrick J. O. Miller. 2015.
Sperm whale response to tag boat presence: biologically informed hidden state models quantify lost feeding opportunities.
Ecosphere 6:6.
Ecological Archives C006-003

Wasser, Leah, Laura Chasmer, Rick Day, and Alan Taylor. 2015.
Quantifying land use effects on forested riparian buffer vegetation structure using LiDAR data.
Ecosphere 6:10.
Ecological Archives C006-004

Bowles, M. L., J. L. McBride, and T. J. Bell. 2015.
Long-term processes affecting restoration and viability of the federal threatened Mead's milkweed (Asclepias meadii).
Ecosphere 6:11.
Ecological Archives C006-005

Supp, S. R., Frank A. La Sorte, Tina A. Cormier, Marisa C. W. Lim, Donald R. Powers, Susan M. Wethington, Scott Goetz, and Catherine H. Graham. 2015.
Citizen-science data provides new insight into annual and seasonal variation in migration patterns.
Ecosphere 6:15.
Ecological Archives C006-006

Royle, J. Andrew, Chris Sutherland, Angela K. Fuller, and Catherine C. Sun. 2015.
Likelihood analysis of spatial capture–recapture models for stratified or class structured populations.
Ecosphere 6:22.
Ecological Archives C006-007

Moore, J. A. M., J. Jiang, W. M. Post, and A. T. Classen . 2015.
Decomposition by ectomycorrhizal fungi alters soil carbon storage in a simulation model.
Ecosphere 6:29.
Ecological Archives C006-008

Nicol, Sam, Trevor B. Haynes, Rod Fensham, and Adam Kerezsy. 2015.
Quantifying the impact of Gambusia holbrooki on the extinction risk of the critically endangered red-finned blue-eye.
Ecosphere 6:41.
Ecological Archives C006-009

Thorn, Alexandra M., Jingfeng Xiao, and Scott V. Ollinger. 2015.
Generalization and evaluation of the process-based forest ecosystem model PnET-CN for other biomes.
Ecosphere 6:43.
Ecological Archives C006-010

Mavrodiev, Evgeny V., Juan Pablo Gomez, Alexey P. Laktionov, and Scott K. Robinson. 2015.
Invasive plant distributions recapitulate patterns found in native plant assemblages in a heterogeneous landscape.
Ecosphere 6:48.
Ecological Archives C006-011

Jenkins, David G. 2015.
Estimating ecological production from biomass.
Ecosphere 6:49.
Ecological Archives C006-012

Pauli, B. P., P. A. Zollner, G. S. Halton, G. Hsao, and G. Hsao. 2015.
The simulated effects of timber harvest on suitable habitat for Indiana and northern long-eared bats.
Ecosphere 6:58.
Ecological Archives C006-013

DeSiervo, Melissa H., Erik S. Jules, and Hugh D. Safford . 2015.
Disturbance response across a productivity gradient: postfire vegetation in serpentine and nonserpentine forests.
Ecosphere 6:60.
Ecological Archives C006-014

Heller, Nicole E., Jason Kreitler, David D. Ackerly, Stuart B. Weiss, Amanda Recinos, Ryan Branciforte, Lorraine E. Flint, Alan L. Flint, and Elisabeth Micheli. 2015.
Targeting climate diversity in conservation planning to build resilience to climate change.
Ecosphere 6:65.
Ecological Archives C006-015

Bartzke, G. S., R. May, E. J. Solberg, C. M. Rolandsen, and E. Rřskaft. 2015.
Differential barrier and corridor effects of power lines, roads and rivers on moose (Alces alces) movements.
Ecosphere 6:67.
Ecological Archives C006-016

Tenhumberg, Brigitte, Tomomi Suwa, Andrew J. Tyre, Leland Russell, and Svata M. Louda. 2015.
Integral projection models show exotic thistle is more limited than native thistle by ambient competition and herbivory.
Ecosphere 6:69.
Ecological Archives C006-017

Forsyth, David M., Michael P. Scroggie, Anthony D. Arthur, Michael Lindeman, David S. L. Ramsey, Steven R. McPhee, Tim Bloomfield, and Ivor G. Stuart. 2015.
Density-dependent effects of a widespread invasive herbivore on tree survival and biomass during reforestation.
Ecosphere 6:71.
Ecological Archives C006-018

Kendrick, Joseph A., Relena R. Ribbons, Aimée T. Classen, and Aaron M. Ellison. 2015.
Changes in canopy structure and ant assemblages affect soil ecosystem variables as a foundation species declines.
Ecosphere 6:77.
Ecological Archives C006-019

Wayland, H., R. Manderino, T. O. Crist, and K. J. Haynes. 2015.
Microbial pesticide application during defoliator outbreaks may reduce loss of regional forest beetle richness.
Ecosphere 6:93.
Ecological Archives C006-020

Swetnam, T. L., A. M. Lynch, D. A. Falk, S. R. Yool, and D. P. Guertin. 2015.
Discriminating disturbance from natural variation with LiDAR in semi-arid forests in southwestern USA.
Ecosphere 6:97.
Ecological Archives C006-021

Bartrons, Mireia, Árni Einarsson, Regina L. G. Nobre, Cristina M. Herren, Kyle C. Webert, Sandra Brucet, Sólveig R. Ólafsdóttir, and Anthony R. Ives. 2015.
Spatial patterns reveal strong abiotic and biotic drivers of zooplankton community composition in Lake Mývatn, Iceland.
Ecosphere 6:105.
Ecological Archives C006-022

Silva, J. L. A., A. F. Souza, J. G. Jardim, and B. T. Goto. 2015.
Community assembly in harsh environments: the prevalence of ecological drift in the heath vegetation of South America.
Ecosphere 6:111.
Ecological Archives C006-023

Naughton, H. R., M. A. Alexandrou, T. H. Oakley, and B. J. Cardinale. 2015.
Phylogenetic difference does not predict competition in green algal communities.
Ecosphere 6:116.
Ecological Archives C006-024

Kim, Daehyun, Thomas J. DeWitt, César S. B. Costa, John A. Kupfer, Ryan W. McEwan, and J. Anthony Stallins. 2015.
Beyond bivariate correlations: three-block partial least squares illustrated with vegetation, soil, and topography.
Ecosphere 6:135.
Ecological Archives C006-025

Bouchet, P. J., and J. J. Meeuwig. 2015.
Drifting baited stereo-videography: a novel sampling tool for surveying pelagic wildlife in offshore marine reserves.
Ecosphere 6:137.
Ecological Archives C006-026

Panassiti, Bernd, Florian Hartig, Michael Breuer, and Robert Biedermann. 2015.
Bayesian inference of environmental and biotic factors determining the occurrence of the grapevine disease 'bois noir'.
Ecosphere 6:143.
Ecological Archives C006-027

Fuller, Emma, Eleanor Brush, and Malin L. Pinsky. 2015.
The persistence of populations facing climate shifts and harvest.
Ecosphere 6:153.
Ecological Archives C006-028

O'Donnell, Frances C., Kelly K. Caylor, Abinash Bhattachan, Kebonye Dintwe, and Gregory S. Okin. 2015.
A quantitative description of the interspecies diversity of belowground structure in savanna woody plants.
Ecosphere 6:154.
Ecological Archives C006-029

Bauer, Jonathan T., Keenan M. L. Mack, and James D. Bever. 2015.
Plant–soil feedbacks as drivers of succession: evidence from remnant and restored tallgrass prairies.
Ecosphere 6:158.
Ecological Archives C006-030

Nordström, M. C., K. Aarnio, A. Törnroos, and E. Bonsdorff. 2015.
Nestedness of trophic links and biological traits in a marine food web.
Ecosphere 6:161.
Ecological Archives C006-031

Xu, Cheng-Yuan, Shaoqing Tang, Mohammad Fatemi, Caroline L. Gross, Mic H. Julien, Caitlin Curtis, and Rieks D. van Klinken . 2015.
Population structure and genetic diversity of invasive Phyla canescens: implications for the evolutionary potential.
Ecosphere 6:162.
Ecological Archives C006-032

Winder, Virginia L., Kaylan M. Carrlson, Andrew J. Gregory, Christian A. Hagen, David A. Haukos, Dylan C. Kesler, Lena C. Larsson, Ty W. Matthews, Lance B. McNew, Michael A. Patten, Jim C. Pitman, Larkin A. Powell, Jennifer A. Smith, Tom Thompson, Donald H. Wolfe, and Brett K. Sandercock. 2015.
Factors affecting female space use in ten populations of prairie chickens.
Ecosphere 6:166.
Ecological Archives C006-033

Wilson, Tammy L., and Joshua H. Schmidt. 2015.
Scale dependence in occupancy models: implications for estimating bear den distribution and abundance.
Ecosphere 6:168.
Ecological Archives C006-034

Mazaris, A. D., D. Vokou, Alm Panidou, O. Türkozan, and S. P. Sgardelis. 2015.
Low conservatism of the climatic niche of sea turtles and implications for predicting future distributions.
Ecosphere 6:169.
Ecological Archives C006-035

Ryan, Sadie J., Tal Ben-Horin, and Leah R. Johnson. 2015.
Malaria control and senescence: the importance of accounting for the pace and shape of aging in wild mosquitoes.
Ecosphere 6:170.
Ecological Archives C006-036

Leclerc, C., C. Bellard, G. M. Luque, and F. Courchamp. 2015.
Overcoming extinction: understanding processes of recovery of the Tibetan antelope.
Ecosphere 6:171.
Ecological Archives C006-037

Concilio, Amy L., Janet S. Prevéy, Peter Omasta, James O'Connor, Jesse B. Nippert, and Timothy R. Seastedt. 2015.
Response of a mixed grass prairie to an extreme precipitation event.
Ecosphere 6:172.
Ecological Archives C006-038

Hough-Snee, Nate, Brian G. Laub, David M. Merritt, A. Lexine Long, Lloyd L. Nackley, Brett B. Roper, and Joseph M. Wheaton. 2015.
Multi-scale environmental filters and niche partitioning govern the distributions of riparian vegetation guilds.
Ecosphere 6:173.
Ecological Archives C006-039

Xue, Bao-Lin, Qinghua Guo, Alvarez Otto, Jingfeng Xiao, Shengli Tao, and Le Li. 2015.
Global patterns, trends, and drivers of water use efficiency from 2000 to 2013.
Ecosphere 6:174.
Ecological Archives C006-040

Norman, J. S., L. Lin, and J. E. Barrett. 2015.
Paired carbon and nitrogen metabolism by ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in temperate forest soils.
Ecosphere 6:176.
Ecological Archives C006-041

Bishop, Daniel A., Colin M. Beier, Neil Pederson, Gregory B. Lawrence, John C. Stella, and Timothy J. Sullivan. 2015.
Regional growth decline of sugar maple (Acer saccharum) and its potential causes.
Ecosphere 6:179.
Ecological Archives C006-042

Garbelotto, Matteo, Gianni Della Roca, Todd Osmundson, Vincenzo di Lonardo, and Roberto Danti. 2015.
An increase in transmission-related traits and in phenotypic plasticity is documented during a fungal invasion.
Ecosphere 6:180.
Ecological Archives C006-043

Brown, Christopher J., Crow White, Maria Beger, Hedley S. Grantham, Benjamin S. Haloern, Carissa J. Klein, Peter J. Mumby, Vivitskaia J. D. Tulloch, Mary Ruckelshaus, and Hugh P. Possingham. 2015.
Fisheries and biodiversity benefits of using static versus dynamic models for designing marine reserve networks.
Ecosphere 6:182.
Ecological Archives C006-044

Villegas-Amtmann, S., L. K. Schwarz, J. L. Sumich, and D. P. Costa. 2015.
A bioenergetics model to evaluate demographic consequences of disturbance in marine mammals applied to gray whales.
Ecosphere 6:183.
Ecological Archives C006-045

Clement, Matthew J., Joy M. O'Keefe, and Brianne Walters. 2015.
A method for estimating abundance of mobile populations using telemetry and counts of unmarked animals.
Ecosphere 6:184.
Ecological Archives C006-046

Rieger, I., I. Kowarik, and A. CierJacks. 2015.
Drivers of carbon sequestration by biomass compartment of riparian forests.
Ecosphere 6:185.
Ecological Archives C006-047

Fisichelli, Nicholas A., Artur Stefanski, Lee E. Frelich, and Peter B. Reich. 2015.
Temperature and leaf nitrogen affect performance of plant species at range overlap.
Ecosphere 6:186.
Ecological Archives C006-048

Supp, Sarah R., David N. Koons, and S. K. Morgan Ernest. 2015.
Using life history trade-offs to understand core-transient structuring of a small mammal community.
Ecosphere 6:187.
Ecological Archives C006-049

Miller, William L., Joel W. Snodgrass, and Gail E. Gasparich. 2015.
The importance of terrestrial dispersal for connectivity among headwater salamander populations.
Ecosphere 6:188.
Ecological Archives C006-050

Chia, Evelyn K., Michelle Bassett, Dale G. Nimmo, Steve W. J. Leonard, Euan G. Ritchie, Michael F. Clarke, and Andrew F. Bennett. 2015.
Fire severity and fire-induced landscape heterogeneity affect arboreal mammals in fire-prone forest.
Ecosphere 6:190.
Ecological Archives C006-051

Reilly, Matthew J., and Thomas A. Spies. 2015.
Regional variation in stand structure and development in forests of Oregon, Washington, and inland Northern California.
Ecosphere 6:192.
Ecological Archives C006-052

Hahn, Philip G., and John L. Orrock. 2015.
Spatial arrangement of canopy structure and land-use history alter the effect that herbivores have on plant growth.
Ecosphere 6:193.
Ecological Archives C006-053

Bevanda, Mirjana, Emanuel Fronhofer, Marco Heurich, Jörg Müller, and Björn Reineking. 2015.
Landscape configuration is a major determinant of home range size variation.
Ecosphere 6:195.
Ecological Archives C006-054

Texeira, Marcos, Mariano Yarzabal, Gervasio Pineiro, Santiago Baeza, and Jose Maria Paruelo . 2015.
Land cover and precipitation controls over long-term trends in carbon gains in the grassland biome of South America.
Ecosphere 6:196.
Ecological Archives C006-055

Bauters, Marijn, Evy Ampoorter, Dries Huygens, Elizabeth Kearsley, Thales De Haulleville, Giacomo Sellan, Hans Verbeeck, Pascal Boeckx, and Kris Verheyen. 2015.
Functional identity explains carbon sequestration in a 77-year-old experimental tropical plantation.
Ecosphere 6:198.
Ecological Archives C006-056

Ruffault, J., and F. Mouillot. 2015.
How a new fire-suppression policy can abruptly reshape the fire-weather relationship.
Ecosphere 6:199.
Ecological Archives C006-057

Hall, Steven J., Rebecca L. Hale, Michelle A. Baker, David R. Bowling, and James R. Ehleringer. 2015.
Riparian plant isotopes reflect anthropogenic nitrogen perturbations: robust patterns across land use gradients.
Ecosphere 6:200.
Ecological Archives C006-058

Richardson, Bryce A., Hector C. Hortiz, Stephanie L. Carlson, Deidre M. Jaeger, and Nancy L. Shaw. 2015.
Genetic and environmental effects on seed weight in subspecies of big sagebrush: applications for restoration.
Ecosphere 6:201.
Ecological Archives C006-059

Laura A. Burkle, Jonathan A. Myers, and R. Travis Belote 2015.
Wildfire disturbance and productivity as drivers of plant species diversity across spatial scales.
Ecosphere 6:202.
Ecological Archives C006-060

Karatayev, V. A., C. E. Kraft, and E.F. Zipkin. 2015.
Racing through life: maturation rate plasticity regulates overcompensation and increases persistence.
Ecosphere 6:203.
Ecological Archives C006-061

van Diepen, Linda T. A., Serita D. Frey, Christopher M. Sthultz, Eric W. Morrison, Rakesh Minocha, and Anne Pringle . 2015.
Changes in litter quality caused by simulated nitrogen deposition reinforce the N-induced suppression of litter decay.
Ecosphere 6:205.
Ecological Archives C006-062

Wipf, Sonja, Martin Sommerkorn, Marc I. Stutter, E. R. Jasper Wubs, and René van der Wal. 2015.
Snow cover, freeze-thaw, and the retention of nutrients in an oceanic mountain ecosystem.
Ecosphere 6:207.
Ecological Archives C006-063

Whittington, Heather R., David Tilman, Peter D. Wragg, and Jennifer S. Powers. 2015.
Phenological responses of prairie plants vary among species and year in a three-year experimental warming study.
Ecosphere 6:208.
Ecological Archives C006-064

Painter, Kristin J., Cherie J. Westbrook, Britt D. Hall, Nelson J. O'Driscoll, and Timothy D. Jardine. 2015.
Effects of in-channel beaver impoundments on mercury bioaccumulation in Rocky Mountain stream food webs.
Ecosphere 6:194.
Ecological Archives C006-065

Shi, Zheng, Xia Xu, Oleksandra Hararuk, Lifen Jiang, Jianyang Zia, Junyi Liang, Dejun Li, and Yiqi Luo. 2015.
Experimental warming altered rates of carbon processes, allocation, and carbon storage in a tallgrass prairie.
Ecosphere 6:210.
Ecological Archives C006-066

Munes, Eszter C., Mark D. Dixon, David L. Swanson, Christopher L. Merkord, and Adam R. Benson. 2015.
Large, infrequent disturbance on a regulated river: response of floodplain forest birds to the 2011 Missouri River flood.
Ecosphere 6:212.
Ecological Archives C006-067

Uden, Daniel R., Craig R. Allen, Andrew A. Bishop, Roger Grosse, Christopher F. Jorgensen, Theodore G. LaGrange, Randy G. Stutheit, and Mark P. Vrtiska. 2015.
Predictions of future ephemeral springtime waterbird stopover habitat availability under global change.
Ecosphere 6:215.
Ecological Archives C006-068

DeVoe, J. D., R. A. Garrott, J. J. Rotella, S. R. Challender, P. J. White, M. O'Reilly, and C. J. Butler. 2015.
Summer range occupancy modeling of non-native mountain goats in the greater Yellowstone area.
Ecosphere 6:217.
Ecological Archives C006-069

Warren, R. J., S. M. Pearson, S. Henry, K. Rossouw, J. P. Love, M. J. Olejniczak, K. J. Elliott, and M. A. Bradford. 2015.
Cryptic indirect effects of exurban edges on a woodland community.
Ecosphere 6:218.
Ecological Archives C006-070

Bertolo, Andrea, Marco A. Rodríguez, and Gérard Lacroix. 2015.
Control mechanisms of photosynthetic epibionts on zooplankton: an experimental approach.
Ecosphere 6:219.
Ecological Archives C006-071

Smith, M. Alex. 2015.
Ants, elevation, phylogenetic diversity and community structure.
Ecosphere 6:221.
Ecological Archives C006-072

Carroll, J. Matthew, Craig A. Davis, R. Dwayne Elmore, Samuel D. Fuhlendorf, and Eric T. Thacker. 2015.
Thermal patterns constrain diurnal behavior of a ground-dwelling bird.
Ecosphere 6:222.
Ecological Archives C006-073

Céré, Julien, William L. Vickery, and Christopher R. Dickman. 2015.
Refugia and dispersal promote population persistence under variable arid conditions: a spatio-temporal simulation model.
Ecosphere 6:225.
Ecological Archives C006-074

Little, Chelsea J., Annika K. Jägerbrand, Ulf Molau, and Juha M. Alatalo . 2015.
Community and species-specific responses to simulated global change in two subarctic-alpine plant communities.
Ecosphere 6:227.
Ecological Archives C006-075

Anderwald, Pia, Ivar Herfindal, Rudolf M. Haller, Anita C. Risch, Martin Schütz, Anna K. Schweiger, and Flurin Filli. 2015.
Influence of migratory ungulate management on competitive interactions with resident species in a protected area.
Ecosphere 6:228.
Ecological Archives C006-076

Qiu, Jiangxiao, and Monica G. Turner. 2015.
Importance of landscape heterogeneity in sustaining hydrologic ecosystem services in an agricultural watershed.
Ecosphere 6:229.
Ecological Archives C006-077

Aho, Ken A., and R. Terry Bowyer. 2015.
Confidence intervals for a product of proportions: application to importance values.
Ecosphere 6:230.
Ecological Archives C006-078

Temperli, Christian, Thomas T. Veblen, Sarah J. Hart, Dominik Kulakowski, and Alan J. Tepley. 2015.
Interactions among spruce beetle disturbance, climate change and forest dynamics captured by a forest landscape model.
Ecosphere 6:231.
Ecological Archives C006-079

Marks, Christian O., and Charles D. Canham. 2015.
A quantitative framework for demographic trends in size-structured populations: analysis of threats to floodplain forest.
Ecosphere 6:232.
Ecological Archives C006-080

Xiao, Jingfeng, Yu Zhou, and Li Zhang. 2015.
Contributions of natural and human factors to increases in vegetation productivity in China.
Ecosphere 6:233.
Ecological Archives C006-081

Münzbergová, Z., and M. Šurinová. 2015.
The importance of species phylogenetic relationships and species traits for the intensity of plant-soil feedback.
Ecosphere 6:234.
Ecological Archives C006-082

Harris, C. M., D. Sadykova, S. L. DeRuiter, P. L. Tyack, P. J. O. Miller, P. H. Kvadsheim, F. P. A. Lam, and L. Thomas. 2015.
Dose response severity functions for acoustic disturbance in cetaceans using recurrent event survival analysis.
Ecosphere 6:236.
Ecological Archives C006-083

Proffitt, K. M., J. F. Goldberg, M. Hebblewhite, R. Russell, B. S. Jimenez, H. S. Robinson, K. Pilgrim, and M. K. Schwartz. 2015.
Integrating resource selection into spatial capture-recapture models for large carnivores.
Ecosphere 6:239.
Ecological Archives C006-084

Chechina, Mariya, and Andreas Hamman. 2015.
Choosing species for reforestation in diverse forest communities: social preference versus ecological suitability.
Ecosphere 6:240.
Ecological Archives C006-085

Peckarsky, Barbara L., Angus R. McIntosh, Maruxa Ŕlvarez, and Jennifer M. Moslemi. 2015.
Disturbance legacies and nutrient limitation influence interactions between grazers and algae in high elevation streams.
Ecosphere 6:241.
Ecological Archives C006-086

Delaney, J. T., K. J. Jokela, and D. M. Debinski. 2015.
Seasonal succession of pollinator floral resources in four types of grasslands.
Ecosphere 6:243.
Ecological Archives C006-087

Ramirez, Matthew D., Larisa Avens, Jeffrey A. Seminoff, Lisa R. Goshe, and Selina S. Heppell. 2015.
Patterns of loggerhead turtle ontogenetic shifts revealed through isotopic analysis of annual skeletal growth increments.
Ecosphere 6:244.
Ecological Archives C006-088

Ashbacher, A. C., and E. E. Cleland. 2015.
Native and exotic plant species show differential growth but similar functional trait responses to experimental rainfall.
Ecosphere 6:245.
Ecological Archives C006-089

Moberg, Emily A., Julie B. Kellner, and Micheal G. Neubert. 2015.
Bioeconomics and biodiversity in harvested metacommunities: a patch-occupancy approach.
Ecosphere 6:246.
Ecological Archives C006-090

Eitzel, M. V., J. Battles, R. York, and P. de Valpine. 2015.
Can’t see the trees for the forest: complex factors influence tree survival in a temperate second growth forest.
Ecosphere 6:247.
Ecological Archives C006-091

Cruz-Reyes, Rogelio, Germán Ávila-Sakar, Gumersindo Sánchez-Montoya, and Mauricio Quesada. 2015.
Experimental assessment of gene flow between transgenic squash and a wild relative in the center of origin of cucurbits.
Ecosphere 6:248.
Ecological Archives C006-092

Barry, Jon, Jackie Eggleton, Suzanne Ware, and Matthew Curtis. 2015.
Generalizing visual fast count estimators for underwater video surveys.
Ecosphere 6:249.
Ecological Archives C006-093

Zhang, Haicheng, Wenping Yuan, Shuguang Liu, and Wenjie Dong. 2015.
Divergent responses of leaf phenology to changing temperature among plant species and geographical regions.
Ecosphere 6:250.
Ecological Archives C006-094

Lowther, A. D., C. Lydersen, and K. M. Kovacs. 2015.
A sum greater than its parts: merging multi- predator tracking studies to increase ecological understanding.
Ecosphere 6:251.
Ecological Archives C006-095

Zhang, Shuang, Yuxin, and Keming Ma. 2015.
Mutualism with aphids affects the trophic position, abundance of ants and herbivory along an elevational gradient.
Ecosphere 6:253.
Ecological Archives C006-096

Erickson, Richard A., Eric A. Eager, Jessica C. Stanton, Julie A. Beston, Jay E. Diffendorfer, and Wayne E. Thogmartin. 2015.
Assessing local population vulnerability with branching process models: an application to wind energy development.
Ecosphere 6:254.
Ecological Archives C006-097

Brewer, J. Stephen. 2015.
Competitive effects of fire-resistant saplings on their fire-sensitive neighbors are greater than the reverse.
Ecosphere 6:255.
Ecological Archives C006-098

Musseau, Camille, Simone Vincenzi, Dušan Jesenšek, Isabel Cantara, Stéphanie Boulętreau, Frédéric Santoul, and Alain J. Crivelli. 2015.
Direct and indirect effects of environmental factors on dietary niches in size-structured populations of a wild salmonid.
Ecosphere 6:256.
Ecological Archives C006-099

Xu, Meng, Yongfan Wang, and Shixiao Yu. 2015.
Conspecific negative density dependence decreases with increasing species abundance.
Ecosphere 6:257.
Ecological Archives C006-100

Tempel, Douglas J., R. J. Gutiérrez, John J. Battles, Danny L. Fry, Yanjun Su, Qinghua Guo, Matthew J. Reetz, Sheila A. Whitmore, Gavin M. Jones, Brandon M. Collins, Scott L. Stephens, Maggi Kelly, William J. Berrigan, and M. Zachariah Peery. 2015.
Evaluating short- and long-term impacts of fuels treatments and simulated wildfire on an old-forest species.
Ecosphere 6:261.
Ecological Archives C006-101

Peacock, Stephanie J., Martin Krkošek, Andrew W. Bateman, and Mark A. Lewis. 2015.
Parasitism and food web dynamics of juvenile Pacific salmon.
Ecosphere 6:264.
Ecological Archives C006-102

Duval, Benjamin D., Melannie Hartman, Ernest Marx, William J. Parton, Steven P. Long, and Evan H. DeLucia. 2015.
Biogeochemical consequences of regional land use change to a biofuel crop in the southeastern United States.
Ecosphere 6:265.
Ecological Archives C006-103

Lazenby, Billie T., Nicholas J. Mooney, and Christopher R. Dickman. 2015.
Detecting species interactions using remote cameras: effects on small mammals of predators, conspecifics, and climate.
Ecosphere 6:266.
Ecological Archives C006-104

Paudel, Ekananda, Gbadamassi G. O. Dossa, Marleen D. de Blécourt, Philip Beckschäfer, Jianchu Xu, and Rhett D. Harrison. 2015.
Quantifying the factors affecting leaf litter decomposition across a tropical forest disturbance gradient.
Ecosphere 6:267.
Ecological Archives C006-105

Appling, Alison P., Miguel C. Leon, and William H. McDowell. 2015.
Reducing bias and quantifying uncertainty in watershed flux estimates: the R package loadflex.
Ecosphere 6:269.
Ecological Archives C006-106

Li, Weizhong, Changhui Peng, Xiaolu Zhou, Jianfeng Sun, Qiuan Zhu, Haibin Wu, and Benoit St-Onge. 2015.
Application of the ecosystem model and Markov Chain Monte Carlo for parameter estimation and productivity prediction.
Ecosphere 6:270.
Ecological Archives C006-107

Di Palo, Francesca, and Dario Fornara. 2015.
Soil fertility and the carbon:nutrient stoichiometry of herbaceous plant species.
Ecosphere 6:273.
Ecological Archives C006-108

Sakata, Yuzu, and Michimasa Yamasaki. 2015.
Deer overbrowsing on autumn-flowering plants causes bumblebee decline and impairs pollination service.
Ecosphere 6:274.
Ecological Archives C006-109

Parks, Sean A., Carol Miller, Marc-Andre Parisien, Lisa M. Holsinger, Solomon Z. Dobrowski, and John Abatzoglou. 2015.
Wildland fire deficit and surplus in the western United States, 1984–2012.
Ecosphere 6:275.
Ecological Archives C006-110

Middleton, Elizabeth L., Sarah Richardson, Liz Koziol, Corey E.Palmer, Zhanna Yermakov, Jeremiah A. Henning, Peggy A. Schultz, and James D. Bever. 2015.
Locally adapted arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi improve vigor and resistance to herbivory of native prairie plant species.
Ecosphere 6:276.
Ecological Archives C006-111

Wang, Wen J., Hong S. He, Frank R. Thompson III, Jacob S. Fraser, Brice B. Hanberry, and William D. Dijak. 2015.
The importance of succession, harvest, and climate change in determining future forest composition.
Ecosphere 6:277.
Ecological Archives C006-112

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