Sean A. Parks, Carol Miller, Marc-Andre Parisien, Lisa M. Holsinger, Solomon Z. Dobrowski, and John Abatzoglou. 2015. Wildland fire deficit and surplus in the western United States, 19842012. Ecosphere 6:275.


Appendix A: Strength of the relationship for models of area burned explained by AET and WD as the criteria for inclusion into the model varies along a gradient of percent designated wilderness and national park.
Ecological Archives C006-110-A1.

Appendix B: Climate for which we used to build the model of expected area burned compared to the climate of the western U.S.
Ecological Archives C006-110-A2.

Appendix C: Variable importance in the statistical model of area burned as a function of climate and partial dependence plots of the four most important variables.
Ecological Archives C006-110-A3.